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Getting back into working out again

Well, here we are again, trying to get back into working out! Working out looks a lot different these days. Before I had kids, I loved working out so much. Little did I realize how much time it takes and how it’s not as easy anymore. I know I have to make it a priority for myself to make it happen, especially with B’s schedule. I am motivated and much more confident in my parenting this time around so I don’t mind taking nap time and doing something for myself. Right now, it is trying to fit in a work out during the time the girls are sleeping. I’m pretty lucky that Cora takes a 3ish hour nap in the afternoon and Alyssa will go down around the same time, give or take an hour. That gives me quite a bit of time to get in a workout and thankfully also shower. One of the worst things is getting in a workout and then being stuck in your own sweat. It has deterred me from working out in the past because I know I won’t have enough time in my schedule, but now I can fit in a quick shower after, so no more excuses.

I set myself up outside with the monitor, a water bottle and some jams and get to work as soon as possible. Nina recently told me about Kayla Itsines and how she loves her workouts. I’ve done just a few now and they are quick, get your heart rate up and get you into that calorie burning zone fast. I’m SO incredibly sore after too, like can barely bend over and can’t get off the floor after playing, so that means they are working something! I am trying to do those Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then fitting in my runs early morning on Tuesday and Thursdays and doing a ‘longer’ run on Saturday. I’m so thankful that my mother in law can come and watch A while C and I head out and run before we start the day. One day when A is a little bigger the three of us will be able to all go for a run together, and I better get some buff arms from pushing those 2!

For the month of May I ran 13.5 miles and I hope to run 40 miles in June! I haven’t felt this sore in SO long but it’s a good sore. I’m also really sore in places I’ve never been sore before, like my pelvis feels like it belongs on a 90 year old. I know it will just take time to start to feel a bit normal and not barely be able to walk, but I’ve been trying to aid it with tons of water to flush out the lactic acid, some theragesic gel and when I really need it, a few ibprofen.

Consistency is key, especially when I’m so sore, so here’s to being half way through the month and actually getting in my workouts and sticking to the plan!

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