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    Mic Cheeeeck

    Is this thing still here? WOW, seriously, I say it often but here we are again and I’m asking the same old, “Where does the time go?” question.

    A lot has been happening here. November came and went. I went to a super cute stocking making party hosted by Shea, ran a 5K on Thanksgiving, celebrated B’s Birthday, Thanksgiving and in the beginning of December, B had his deviated septum fixed. That was… an interesting surgery, but I’m glad it’s done and he’s already been feeling a lot of great benefits from it being done. The first few days after the surgery were really rough but I’m thankful he took the time off to get it fixed and hopefully it will continue to heal well and be fixed for a long time.

    Then we made it through the Holidays and all the busy that comes with it. Continue reading…

    Where has the motivattttion gone?

    Well I was in a great place at the end of September, I finally hit 10 miles and was working out a lot and feeling good.

    Things went downhill. Quickly.

    For the past three weeks I had literally NO motivation to work out or run at all. Old Danica would have told herself, this is unacceptable, push through, wake up, get every mile in you need to. Keep pushing yourself. New Danica says, take a break. Listen to your body. Try to sleep when you can because 2 crazy little minions depend on you and if you’re too tired everything else just seems to fall apart.

    So that’s exactly what I did. Took a break, recharged and didn’t push myself to run when I didn’t feel like it. I kept things going here and everyone survived. At the beginning of the month we went on a little trip as a family which was really good but on the last night I slept wrong on my arm and had terrible pain in my back. I could barely turn my head or shoulder and picking up the girls was so tough. I kept thinking that it would improve but it wasn’t and I finally started going back to the chiropractor. It helped me feel much better over the last two weeks, but that also was another reason running wasn’t happening. The month flew by with a lot going on and now I’m finally feeling ready to start back up again. So perhaps November we will get back into a schedule that includes running.

    I’m so thankful I didn’t have a race on my calendar because there is nothing more stressful than having to train for something when you don’t have the motivation.

    August Mileage Recap

    Finally, a solid month of running to report back about! I hit 50 miles for the month and also ran a solid 7 miler toward the end of the month. I had to run that 7 miler to hit 50 miles, but both were completed and hallelujah, here we are! All my runs in August were 4 miles or more and I ran quite a few runs with the double stroller, but got it done.  Continue reading…

    The Warm Up Miles

    While running lately, the first two miles usually always are horrible. I feel so slow and tired and always want to cut my runs short. But if I hang on and give it a chance, 90% of the time it gets much better and I get into the swing of things. It becomes easier and I feel normal again. It’s so hard to focus on getting over that 2 mile warm up hump and not throw in the towel early. So many people who do not run are shocked that I run as much as I do and ask me how I can run so far and why?! Honestly, it’s something I’ve just grown to love and I have to remember that the first two miles usually are tough but once you can get past those the runner’s high kicks in. Continue reading…

    Postpartum Running Tips

    Running after having a baby is strange on many levels. I’m no expert and I’m still navigating this very strange land myself. You feel like your insides might just fall out on the street and you’re (probably) heavier than you were before having a baby and things are just in different places. There are things that may not have ever happened to you before while running that all of a sudden may be popping up and you’re like WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON… Yea I’ve been there on the side of the road wondering that exact thing. Here are a few things that made the transition back to running a little bit less scary. Continue reading…