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The One Run with Bugaboo

Disclosure: I received the Bugaboo Runner for free. While I received the stroller for free, all opinions are my own.

When Bugaboo reached out to me regarding trying out the Bugaboo Runner stroller, I was excited because running is such a huge part of my life. Running looks a lot different than it did back when I started this blog, but I can tell you, I’m looking forward to hopefully running again in a few months. One thing I love is running long distances, which many may think is absolutely crazy. Though running in general does bring me a lot of joy, it’s when I really can hit the groove they call the ‘runners high’ that brings me the most happiness. When I run long distances, I can get into a certain mindset that truly allows me to process things I normally don’t think about and it encourages me to let my brain just wander. When people ask me why I ran marathons in the past I couldn’t describe why, but now looking back on the events I ran, I realized it made me a much stronger person both mentally and physically and really allowed me to find myself.

Before having Cora, I ran whenever my scheduled allowed and was free to run as short or long as I wanted. After I had C, I didn’t really know where to begin again. When I finally started back attempting to run, I wasn’t able to run very far, and it was quite a process to even go. I was so nervous about everything and worried so much about how I would feel and if running would ever be “normal” again. Over time, things started to get a little easier. I wasn’t so paranoid, I figured out a schedule, I was able to run two times a week and felt a lot more like my ‘old self’ but something that was so special to me was the fact that I did get to run with C. I got to show her the routes I’ve ran over the last few years, and where I trained for many of my races. Running with her reminded me of how strong I was and how I worked so hard to get to where I was.

Running after having a baby is just weird. It takes a while to get back into feeling like you know what you’re doing and a lot of runs seem lackluster. Add in my anxiety about how each run would go, and wanting to have that runner’s high so badly, it was a tough transition. One thing that made the struggle easier was when she was in the Bugaboo Runner and she was facing me, even if it wasn’t a great run for me personally, it was still so much fun to see her reactions and experience running with her. Her excitement and expressions made it more than me going out for a run.

I vividly remember The One run where I was feeling a little down about how my mileage wasn’t progressing as quickly as I wanted it too and I still felt so lethargic and slow. I constantly compared myself to how I used to be able to run and how it felt. I sighed and we turned the corner to finish our run and head back home. It was a beautiful day out, but I was so focused on the negative part of running. Usually when I run, I look ahead to what’s in front of us. But for some reason I looked down at her. I remember her face as she looked around at our surroundings, the trees flying by, the blue sky above, and how excited she was to be in the stroller, watching me! Her smile reminded me that I needed to cut myself some slack and enjoy running, because I was out there, putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward. She didn’t care what I looked like, or what pace I was running. She was happy to just be outside, looking at her surroundings and watching me run! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in competing with yourself and others when doing any type of athletic activity, but to take a step back and have a childlike wonder while experiencing the outdoors, and being able to see that on the smile on her face, made this run one of the most special ones I’ve ever had.

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