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Foods to help with your lung health!

I got emailed this from Kind Bars the other day and found it rather interesting… normally I don’t post about the science or food, but I totally know what they are talking about! It’s so much harder to breathe in the winter months… I can’t imagine living anywhere but in Southern California when I’m out running in the cold (for me) weather!

We all have gone for a run and thought our lungs were going to burst because it was so cold out. I have had that feeling with the chilly morning air lately and I’m going to try to add more of these foods in my diet to help with my lung health. :)

Studies have found that good lung function is associated with high intakes of vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene, citrus fruits, apples, and fruit juice. I love juicing, but it’s hard juicing in cold weather months. I want more tea and soup!

Red bell peppers are high in an orange-red compound called beta-cryptoxanthin which helps breathing and lower risk of lung cancer. I love having them for snack time with some black bean hummus… It’s like fajitas on the go!

Carrots offer Vitamin A and Vitamin C and Vitamin A has a direct link to lung health!

Eating these foods can help with your lung health and that burning feeling you get in your lungs when you're running in chilly winter air!























Here’s what Kind Bars put together to help you eat certain foods to increase your lung health! Thought I would pass along this little gem of nutrients, literally! :)


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