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Fathers Day Gift Idea

So I’m totally that person who got something for B for Father’s Day from George. I was pretty impressed how it came out and it was another Pinterest inspired craft!

I found it on Tuesday and when B was at work on Wednesday, I threw it together. Literally took 5 minutes. I didn’t need the full 1/4 cup of water. And this ‘recipe’ makes a lot of dough, I only used about half of it. I put it on a cookie sheet, gave G some treats and then pressed his paw into the dough. G was not a big fan of doing this, but it wasn’t bad. I think his paw was just dried out a little from the salt afterwards so I made sure to wash it all off. I made sure the dough was really thin so that it would be able to go into a frame. I ended up making three and was going to use the ‘best one’ for the gift. I get to keep one too :) Embarrassing that I want it, but I do. G is my little child.

Instead of painting it after it came out of the oven, I did it before with food coloring and a cotton ball. I wish I had one of those BBQ brushes, but alas I didn’t so I just dabbed on foot coloring with a cotton ball. It came out better than planned because it made his paw stand out even more. I checked on it in the oven a few times and it was nice and hard after 3 hours. I took it out and let it cool overnight.

I went to TJ Maxx after work yesterday to look for a frame and I was just going to get a white one to put the paw on red paper in the glass. I found this one and it was even better! I took off the glass, cleaned it and had to squash the paw imprint just a tad to get it to fit. I’m glad I made the imprint really thin of it wouldn’t have fit. I put some red craft paper behind the paw and wha-la, a pretty sweet gift that I know B will really like. The woof already written on the frame is so cute and was a perfect touch!

I’m pretty excited to give it to him on Sunday!


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