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August Mileage Recap

Finally, a solid month of running to report back about! I hit 50 miles for the month and also ran a solid 7 miler toward the end of the month. I had to run that 7 miler to hit 50 miles, but both were completed and hallelujah, here we are! All my runs in August were 4 miles or more and I ran quite a few runs with the double stroller, but got it done. 

I haven’t hit 50 miles in a month since January of 2015 and and my last high mileage month before that was August of 2014! Finally hitting 50 miles for the month really boosted my confidence for the future and getting back to a schedule. It did take me a lot of planning to get there, but finally hitting it made me realize that it is possible and that I CAN do it. At the beginning of the month I was having a bit of pain with my plantar fasciitis, but I have been rolling it out and wearing my special sock at night which seems to be helping.

Even though when I look at each of my runs individually I don’t see huge improvements, over time I am seeing a lot of good things happening and I do see a lot of change. I need to focus on that moving forward and judge my running month by month instead of separately. It has now been 3 solid months of running since having A and my pace has dropped drastically, my mileage has increased slowly and I finally am feeling a little more like my old self out there.

If I had to take one or both girls I’ve also gotten a routine down and can take both of them even though pushing the stroller is SO heavy! I’d much rather NOT take both of them and I really do enjoy the alone time, but at the same time some days I just have to take them so it is what it is. I think in the fall/winter, it will be a little easier to take them because it will be a bit cooler out and I won’t be running to beat the heat with the sun blazing down.

We also have a few schedule changes coming up so I might switch up the days I run during the week, but we will see what happens this next month. I want to definitely keep the goal of 50 miles a month right now and possibly start doing a ‘longer run’ for one of those runs, like the 7 miler I did this month to keep increasing my mileage slowly and safely. I keep toying with an idea of running a half, but at this point I think I want to wait a little bit longer before signing up and committing to something.

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