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Runner Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is officially 10 days away! I was looking for some fun running related Valentines that I could also give out to the kids on my team for Valentine’s Day that were also appropriate since, you know, that’s pretty important when you coach kids. I couldn’t find any that I really loved so I decided to make some of my own. I am going to print them on card stock paper and then punch a hole in the corner and attach a small bag of candy with ribbon. There are 4 Valentines on each page once you open the PDF to print if you’d like to give them out yourself. I must admit, the box of chocolates and the one with the sucker are my favorites. Enjoy!

I got you a box of Chocolates, but since I'm carb loading I ate them all. Printable ValentineClick here for Box of Chocolates Printable Valentine PDF

Valentine, Even an Ice Bath Can't Cool You Down! Printable ValentineClick Here for the Ice Bath Can’t Cool You Down Printable Valentine PDF

You My Make Heart Flutter! Nevermind, It's just the long run I finished Printable ValentineClick Here for the Long Run Printable Valentine PDF

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope Your Run Doesn't Suck. Printable ValentineClick Here for the Hope Your Run Doesn’t Suck Printable Valentine PDF

Happy Month of LOVE!


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