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Doggie Drama Rama

So we recently adopted little Miss Sophie…. And her and George became fast friends, which means when she got kennel cough, so did he. When we found out she had parasites, we figured he had already gotten them too so we have to treat them both for their many diseases :/ eeeeesh! As you can tell below they are already best friends! We kept them separated for a few days when Sophie was sick and we hadn’t taken George to the vet yet, but once we got the okay to put them together, it was a relief. And this since photo was taken, we’ve gotten them a larger bed for the laundry room.

Screen shot 2013-01-26 at 8.13.03 AM

Needless to say its been a crazy and stressful past two weeks with two sicklings laying low at our house. Sophie went to the ER vet last Saturday night when we came home from church and she was not getting up from her bed. George and her went to their regular vet when they were open again on Tuesday and if your in the long beach area, they are the best around! George is about two days behind her on pills so she was starting to get her appetite and energy back, on Thursday while George was not ready for playtime just yet. As of this morning though, they are playing and romping around like the first week when we got her, just sneezing and coughing every now and then. It’s good to see them feeling better!

When she was sick, we had forgotten how wild she is. Whoa. She is a wild thing. I call her the creature from the black lagoon, and her and George both jump around the house like wild animals. They are both sleeping together now at night and it’s working out great. She is a welcomed addition to our family, even with her many (fixable) diseases.

It was definitely scary for a bit, and so many of you were do kind to offer words of encouragement via twitter and Facebook and I appreciate it! I really haven’t dealt with a sick dog before and two was double trouble. Plus, the ER vet scared me by saying it might be some disease that was untreatable and she would just start seizing and that she’d most likely have to be put to sleep, which isn’t the case and it’s just kennel cough and a few normal dog parasites, gross but thankfully it’s nothing more serious!


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