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Runners’ Christmas List


It’s not that difficult shopping and scoring great gifts for runners, and I wanted to put together a little list of a few favorites that any runner would be delighted to see wrapped up under the tree!

Who doesn’t love new running shoes? These might be a little difficult to find out the perfect ones for your runner, but all it takes is looking inside the tongue of the shoe for the make of the shoe, and the size you need. Head down to your local running store and let them know what pair you want and wrap them up and you’ll make any runner smile! Even if their running shoes look new, running shoes are always perfect because they always wear down so quickly and are always needing to be replaced. I replace my running shoes every 250-300 miles.

Next up is a winter staple when I run ~ Earmuffy Headbands, or so I call them. My ears normally get SO cold when running, and this has been a lifesaver! I am kind of a weenie when it comes to the cold, and my ears start to hurt so bad I get a headache and these take the chill off so quickly! A great stocking stuffer or present under the tree for those winter mornings and evening running meet ups. The one on the left can be found here, and the one on the right can be found here (and also comes in pink!).

Safety is SO important when running, and that’s why I love Personal Savers Pepper Spray so much. I recently did a review on it and love the fact that it easily goes on your wrist and stays put. I also know exactly how I would use it if need be. With the nights getting darker earlier, safety is so important! They even offered my readers a special deal! When you purchase any pepper spray holder, you’ll get a free Pepper Spray… That’s a $5.95 discount :) Use the code ~ CHICRUNNER when you check out at Personal Savers Pepper Spray. *Buy any Personal Savers product and get a free bottle of pepper spray of your choice.  You need to choose your bottle, so it’s in the shopping cart in order for the code to work.  The bottle will be discounted, once you put in the discount code.*

Speaking of Safety, I usually get a few little blinky lights to attach to my shoes, clothes, and even George! at Christmas. It’s another great little precaution to make sure you are safe when running around town. I always make sure that George has one on his harness too so that drivers can see him as well. Nathan Reflective Ankle/Arm Band, Super Soft Snapster bracelet, Nathan Tri-Colored Reflective Band, Nathan Clip on Safety Strobe, Runners World Lighted Armband, Flashing Safety Clip on lights (this is what I have clipped onto both sides of George’s harness)

Another great gift is anything by Zensah! If you want to splurge, get the Zensah sports bra, it’s soooo soft and a great fit! I also love their compression socks too, they are great for training and when you sleep they help with shin splints and compression.

For some thing might not be warm enough, but I love getting cheap mittens for the chillier running adventures. I’ve gotten a few pairs from Target and Old Navy and if they get ruined or I lose one it’s not the end of the world. I even like running int he ones with no fingers too! These two above are actually from Forever 21, and adorable for running or regular wear :) Stripes and Fair Isle

Another one of my favorites is an easy one. An iTunes gift card or something related to music! Most runners love to run to music or even if they are at the gym, and this is an easy stocking stuffer and you can get it in variety of different amounts.

Lastly, who doesn’t love new workout gear? It makes workout so much more fun and you can find so many different great workout gear across the internet and through many different stores. From Old Navy, to Forever 21, to Target and all the big sports stores, there’s always great sale racks and new products! Clockwise grom the left corner; shorts, sweatshirt, shorts, jacket (All are under $25 dollars!)


Hope this helps if your are out shopping for someone who runs, or hey, treat yourself! :)



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