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Q&A about our wedding

One of the main questions I got was HOW! How did you get on the show? Here’s how it happened.

We got engaged on February 2nd of 2011. My maid of honor, Shea, nominated us for the show, without me knowing the following day by going on and sending in the audition information. They were casting at that time. Her and I were contacted two weeks later with a response that said if we were interested in being on the show, B and I needed to send in a no longer than 10 minute audition tape including all our wedding plans we had thus far, a ‘table’ of my stuff, just like you saw on our episode, what we were struggling with during planning, etc.  We also had to fill out an application which was about 10 pages long about both of us.

I sent that in the first week of March and literally thought nothing of it ever again. I never heard anything back, and we went on planning our wedding, looked at venues, spoke with catering companies, started crafting, booking things, etc. Had our engagement party in April. The first weekend of June, I got a call saying that we were picked to be on the show. I hadn’t heard from them for over three months. Things were a whirlwind after that. So, basically, it was all thanks to Shea, a million times over.

Heide asked “I would love more Deets on David… he seems fantastic and wondering how much you really got to interact with him!

David is literally one of the nicest people I have ever met. He truly is that wonderful and fantastic and he is completely like the guy you see on TV. We taped three days for about 12 hours each day before the wedding and then of course, the wedding day which was about 18 hours of taping. You are with him all the time and you get to hang out and everything. The crew also exists for the show and I would say there are about 15 people with you at all times. On the wedding day there was a crew of about 30 people. That’s a LOT of people around you all the time, but it is fun. David is hilarious, kind and amazing. Same with the crew. Great people, so blessed throughout the entire experience, and you do forget the cameras are there… not all the time, but sometimes.

Laura asked “Was there anything that you didn’t like that happened? Or any choices David made that you would’ve changed?”

Hmmm, honestly, there was nothing that I didn’t like. I loved everything. I guess the biggest thing I was fearful of during the process was him changing it to something else that wasn’t what we wanted, but I believed him when he told me that he liked our stuff. The only thing that kind of bummed me out was that the bridesmaids weren’t standing up on the steps at the church, but it wasn’t a big deal and I think just because I didn’t know about it it magnified that they weren’t standing up there.

When he showed us the reception, and I saw how similar it was to the original vision I  had, it was so overwhelming and a great feeling. The only thing I think I ‘missed’ was since everything was really short notice, to keep the location/venue a surprise, we didn’t get invitations and I’m a paper/stationary FREAK… so I was a little bummed on that, but we did have programs and escort cards which I have in a shadowbox.

Rachel asked, ‘Who is your photograher and how did you find him?

Our photographer was one that I looked at all the time, Jonathan Moore. Hands down, I love his work. He LOVES color, and is a sports journalist so he captures a lot of movement. I loved his portfolio and the fact that he captured sports pictures, because I know capturing more than just weddings was pretty legit. He actually showed me a few pictures that he got at the LA Marathon and I immediately was obsessed. Our wedding, I would think, was very hard to capture with us ALWAYS being pulled in many directions with so much going on, but he captured EVERYTHING, and managed to get some amazing shots WITHOUT the cameras, which were everywhere. There were so many moments when I looked up and though, wait! We need Jonathan here, and he’d be creeping in the corner, already two steps ahead of me. Not only is he a great photographer, but he put up with me asking him about a million questions if he got ‘all the pictures I wanted’. I am seriously in love with all our pictures and cannot believe what a gem he is and how lucky we were to get him to capture our special day!

Erin asked, ‘How did you find out how to make the boutonniere?!’

I found it on a website that I looked at frequently when planning our wedding, Green Wedding Shoes! Here’s a link to the one I kind of copied. I didn’t use a feather and I used fabric that I cut out to mimic the feathers. The fabric, was of course, gingham. Then I glued buttons on to them at the bottom and glued a little baby ribbon bow to the bottom as well. I found a heart button and put it on Bs, the rest of the guys just had navy, red and white buttons. It took two days to complete them all, not to bad and I thought it was cool that they could keep them if they wanted. I was so happy when I found out David kept them! I loved them and was pretty proud of them. :) I put Bs in our little shadow box we have of wedding stuff. Just an FYI though, Burlap is the worst fabric/material to work with. It stinks, it falls apart and frays and it’s little hairs get EVERYWHERE! :)

Krista asked, “I’m obsessed with your dress! I’m just curious, do you know what the price tag of it was (gotta know how much I oughta save for a similar one haha) also I know totally nosy question but did David/the show pick up the tab for your entire wedding!?

The price tag for my dress, was I think…and don’t quote me on this was 16,000. I didn’t get to keep the dress though, and I think of it all the time. Wearing it was the most amazing experience of my life. By far the most glamourous, beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes upon. Here is a great blog about the dress and designer from the store that it is from. Since the wedding day, I literally have thought about going to the store to see if they still have it just to see it again. It was made by Ines Di Santo.

So onto the next question, which I got often! Who pays for this?!

We were informed that we must paid for our photographer (if we wanted one, but we didn’t get any of the ‘shows’ photographers photographs) officiant, and DJ. We still got all our wedding party gifts and paid for our hotels that we stayed at as well. One thing that was the hardest decision when going on the show was the fact that we already had our wedding planned… and so all those deposits for catering, decorations, floral, venues, you don’t get back or reimbursed for. But the show did pay for a lot, obviously, but you give up ALL your control, over everything AND you know nothing.

Danielle asked many questions! :)

I may or may not have missed this from your blog or the show… but what was your something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new??

My somthing borrowed was the dress, I had a blue rose on my garter, My shoes were new and the something old was, according to Shea, ME! haha I actually didn’t have one specific ‘something old’

Any advice for other brides? Is there one thing you learned or wish you had known?

Honestly, relax and enjoy it. I had pretty much absolutly no idea what was going on at my wedding. I had no idea how it would turn out, if David would keep it similar to what I planned, or how I would react to anything, but guess what, I got to marry Bryan and that’s all that mattered. I think it’s easy to be caught up in the wedding part of an engagement. The big party, what people think about your wedding, how the wedding will turn out, will people have fun, and people forget that YOU ARE COMMITTING YOUR LIFE TO SOMEONE FOREVER. That is crazy. Celebrate love and don’t get lost in the little details. Make the little details count, but don’t let them overwhelm you, and don’t be crazy.

Your brother wasn’t really on camera, did he choose not to be?

That’s just how it was edited. He was there for everything on our wedding day.

Did you like the edit of the show? Were there things you wish they had shown or vice versa?

I actually loved the outcome of the show. With probably over 30 hours of us on film that they had to condensed into an hour, I’m so happy with how it came out. I didn’t get to see the show before it aired live or anything that was filmed that they had to use for our episode and I was nervous how I would look. It’s scary. I honestly don’t remember crying that much, but I guess that I did! They captured all the right moments that I wanted to remember and it was so special to see it on tv!

Does David take care of ALL of the planning? Are there things that you were in charge of planning?  I know you have mentioned you picked your photographer, and I’m guessing your music too as you mentioned today. Or did he just keep those things since you already had them planned? 
It truly is all ‘surprises’. I didn’t know if they were going to keep the boutonnieres until  I saw it on Bryan that day at the alter! I had no idea what they would ‘keep’ and ‘change’. I had to give them everything from my table the day they came to our house to film, so they would be able to look at it and reference it, if they wanted too. Literally, I knew nothing. The things we had to decide was if we wanted our own photographer, and who it would be. We needed a DJ, and we got to pick our own music. We had to turn everything over to them though, and give them spreadsheets of all our music and ceremony timeline. They kept our ceremony exactly as I had it laid out, because that was our choice as well and they wouldn’t do anything to change our actual vows.
Kathy asked, “Even though your red dress is gorgeous, I’m wondering if you were a little sad to take off your wedding gown? I was sad to take mine off, and I wore it the whole time!”
I was but I was also excited to put on the red dress… but it’s weird, I still think about the bridal gown and miss it like a friend! haha, I’m weird, I know.
Eleanor asked, “I’m a bit of a make-up nerd and was wondering if you remember any of the products the makeup artist used on you for your wedding?”
My makeup was airbrushed and I was wearing fake lashes. I don’t know any of the makeup she used, there was a LOT of it. She used multiple colors for my eyes and cheeks and I know that it didn’t look that glittery in real life, but it really showed up a lot on TV! These are the makeup artists that did my bridesmaids and I.
Here are some other random questions from a few different people:
Was it hard having to contact all of your guests in such a short time frame?
Actually, the show contacted them all, via email and phone with specific instructions to the wedding and what they needed from each guest. Everyone had to sign waivers and fax them back pretty much the day they were contacted about wedding information. They were contacted on Thursday morning with the details of the wedding… and we got married that following Saturday! I did contact all our invited guests earlier in the month to inform them of our wedding and they would learn more as the date got much closer. Unfortunately, I had no information for them, but the date we were to get married on!
Where did you find your bridesmaid dresses?
Shea found them at Nordstrom while perusing the sale rack. They are by Maggie London.
How did you choose to paint your nails red for your wedding day?
Funny you should ask, I actually asked David two days before the wedding what color I should paint my nails. He looked at my like I was out of my mind that I would even ask that question and replied RED! I am glad I did. :)
Did being on the show limit you in anyway?
We had to cut down our guest list to 130. Some of our guests didn’t understand that we didn’t even know where we were getting married… So that was a little hard to explain at times. :)
Where did most of your outfits come from when you were on Camera?
The first one, the blue silk tank and grey and white striped sweater were both from forever 21. The yellow shirt was from forever 21 and the skinny jeans were from forever 21. The pie outfit, white and blue tank with blue short sleeve jacket, all from forever 21. The dress fitting outfit, denim skirt was from the gap and the green cardigan was from target. They were all pretty old though, so I doubt any of them are online anymore. I did get another question about the anchor earrings, which were also from forever 21.
Where were B and the groomsmans ties from?
Another sale item from Nordstrom, from last summer. They are by the brand 1901. 
How many days did you tape?
We taped three different times before the wedding and our wedding day. So I had to take off three days of work before the wedding. Luckily, my boss is really cool and let me have it off.
Did you notice anything that you thought was weird about yourself on tv? 
YES! So many things. I talk with my hands A LOT, which I never noticed. I already knew I had a man voice, so that wasn’t too shocking. I make so many weird noises and have weird sayings too! Ha, ha, oh well, that’s just the way I am!
Next week it’s back to RUNNING and I’ve got a few reviews coming up too :) YAY for training. I have a 16 miler to do this weekend and still have to recap the 13.1 race I ran last weekend!
Thank you for all the kind comments about our wedding and your patience through all the wedding week pictures. I have waited so long to post them and I’m so glad I finally could!
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