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Pallet Board Flag

So this is not related to running, but something that B recently created and I love it! And since today is a rest day, I thought I would share it with everyone. I showed him the idea of a Pallet Board Flag and then he was pretty excited about it and wanted to make one for the house. The inspiration ideas are here here and here

He started off collecting some Pallets and then took them apart and nailed some of the wood pieces from the front of the pallet and placed them on the ‘frame’ he constructed. He nailed them all down to the frame and even made one that was a little broken to make it look a little more ‘ragged’, like an actual flag. The boards he selected were all selected very specifically. He took apart three pallets to collect these few pieces.

Then he caculated what he needed to do to make the stripes and stars and how many he could fit on there. He penciled them all on the wood and then started painting. The hardest part, according to him, was painting the edges of all the stars. He is very good at calculating all these things, and made sure that everything he drew on there was straight and looked good. I don’t have patience like he does.

He finished painting it yesterday and I love the way it came out! He did such a good job with it.

We are going to hang it in our bedroom above our dresser, once we get our bedroom furniture set, which is hopefully in the near future. He has to add a few things to the back of the flag to hang it from, because it’s pretty heavy to have on the wall. I know if I really wanted to create this, I could have done it, so I know it’s a good project if anyone wants to try it. I will have to share a picture of our room, once it’s completed in a few months and the flag is hung! I love it, and it matches our mirror and pretty much entire home decor so well.


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