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Bakin’ up a storm

The other day a co-worker and I had a day of baking and watching football. We both love baking and planned out all our recipes and got ready to just make lots and lots of stuff. We brought some to work, delivered some to family members and then I sent some with B to his station as well, so we ended up not eating a ton of it. We picked out stuff that we thought would be easy and delicious and we found some GEMS! I wanted to share the recipes with everyone, since they were so easy to make as well.

We started off making something for lunch/dinner, a very delicious macaroni and cheese. It came out wonderfully!

It was deliciously cheesy, and the chicken in it was a nice touch. If you wanted to try to make it, here is the recipe. This was probably the most detailed recipe we had. That said, it was not difficult and was amazing to eat ALL day long!

Next we started on the Peanut Butter Banana Nutella Muffins. Yum. These were super simple and these were gone at work immediately! We didn’t swirl the Nutella, which is why it looks the way it does, but they were delicious.

Then it was time for the Mini Pecan Tassies. We started by making the crust and then the pecan filling was put inside the crust and they were baked. Super easy. They look like way more work than they are and were a hit.

They kind of exploded in the oven.. I think we may have over filled a little bit, but they were another easy thing to make, even the crust was easy and they were good and I don’t normally like pecans!

While all these things were being made and baked, we also had something simmerin’ in the crock pot! We tried out making our own  homemade apple butter.

I ALWAYS forget how awesome the crock pot is. I rarely ever use mine and really need to get into the habit. We sliced and diced and added the said ingredients and crossed our fingers. I must admit, I am always, for some unknown reason, skeptical of the crock pot and it actually working and making what it said will happen. Alas, It worked out well and throughout the day we stirred and saw the apple butter coming together!

Those apples are hot and steamy and baking away!

AND whala! After 8 hours of baking, and a little blending… It really worked! I am excited to give these out to a few people at Christmas and can’t wait to see their reaction that I MADE it. I’m pretty proud of them and think it’s a great gift for the Holidays! The recipe is easy and it’s actually fun to watch it actually work.

Lastly, we made reindeer cookies! They were simple sugar cookies with pretzels and little faces. They came out GREAT and I’m pretty sure B ate a ton of these. They were the most fun and most Christmassy thing that we made. :)

So much fun! When you plan out what you are going to bake and have all the ingredients and recipes it’s much easier than trying to make stuff on a whim and all our baked goods came out great and everyone we gave them to enjoyed them!

The stuff we made all had easy recipes and it was a great afternoon! I have a fun giveaway post that I’m doing tomorrow and I did go for a run this morning and thought I was going to freeze to death! GAH. What is up CA!


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