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Today’s post has nothing to do with running. Well here’s a running tidbit that I’m throwing out there quick. I’m slow and feel like a sloth when I run. Holy toledo, ran 3 miles the other day and ended up power walking like a 150 year old tortoise. What is wrong with me? I’ll get it together soon hopefully, before I turn prehistoric and just blow up like a brontosaurus.

So. That’s unrelated but today is National Day on Writing from the National Council of Teachers of English. Well this sounds like lots of fluff doesn’t it. BUT I have a point. Everyday we write. Emails, texts (a lot for me) notes, everything! I get a LOT of questions of why I blog and why do I post. I write so I can remember. That’s why I blog. I only blog for myself, and if you somehow crawl upon my weird space on the lovely internet (or is it internets? I never figured that one out) you can read or not read how ever much you’d like.

I write for myself. I write to remember. I write to look back on things that happened and be filled with the same emotion as if it’s happening again. You know that post about the Long Beach International City Bank Marathon when I broke 4 hours? I can read that and still tear up. It was my “Boston” moment. The post about losing my mom, my new job, getting engaged, and maybe one day when the show airs (in Feb, they said today :( ) I can look back on that and smile. I can find all my training runs, my weirdness and see my own personal growth online. It’s pretty crazy that I can write all it down, and use it as an online journal.

I still write this blog for myself. If no one read it, I would still write it. I do love writing, I did minor in creative writing in college and I have written for a few small magazines and random articles, but man, there is nothing like blogging where you can just blurt it all out, well only as fast as your fingers can type. It’s an outlet that I take for granted, and I love! Thank you all my readers for reading. Thank you for the kind words, the comments and thank you for letting me just be the weirdo that I am.

So why do you write? Think about all you write down and that you have the ability to do so, and be thankful. Something that we take for granted is so powerful!

That’s why I write, why I blog and how I remember.


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