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Fitletic Belt Review!

So I’ve been teasing you guys ever since San Francisco to let you in on my newest favorite toy, the Fitletic belt. Now, believe me when I say I’m a skeptic of most things and I believe that different things work for different people. I mean look at what happened with me and testing out gu… Yea, that didn’t go so well. I thought that since I was running a marathon I needed a fuel belt. I got my first fuel belt and though I do like the idea, the idea didn’t go so well with my body. Chafing all over the place from the bottle, and constantly having to pull the fuel belt down got on my last nerve. I also knew that for San Francisco I wanted something to carry my phone and ID and my camera. Though I already have my pouch that I attached to my fuel belt, I wasn’t sure if it would attach easily to the smaller belts I was looking at or if I would even like one of the smaller belts.

Well, to my surprised, I was shocked to see such a variety of belts at the San Francisco expo. I had heard some people talking on twitter about spibelts and iFitness belts and the differences earlier that day, and I pretty much had seen a spibelt and wanted something a little bit bigger so I wanted to see the iFitness belt before I made my final decision. When I got to the table I straight up asked the man working why I should choose iFitness over Spibelts. He told me that iFitness has a built in pocket and then proceeded to pull out 5 SMASHED gus out of the little baby pouch. I was in shock. I also really liked the small pocket in the back of the belt. The material of the belt looked nice and was really soft, which was another selling point. He showed me where to wear it and how to adjust it and I handed him 20 bucks and a new pink iFitness belt was mine. They come in so many colors it’s unreal, but obviously I had to get pink, come on people.

I was skeptical that I would like the belt when I was running the half marathon, but I was very wrong. Once I got everything situated on my belt, including the pouch and my phone in the proper place I really liked the belt. It wasn’t riding up, it stayed in place, and I didn’t have the whole world bouncing along on my hips. I was in shock the entire time that I NEVER had to pull it down. It was a little tricky to get my pouch to go on the right side of my body so it wasn’t wriggling around, but once I found the happy medium it worked out perfectly. I just sat everything on my butt basically. It was so nice, and since I wasn’t going to take water during the half, not having water with me wasn’t a big problem.

So now onto some of my classic jank photoshop pictures for your enjoyment and education.


Here we have the booty shot, so just dismiss my butt and focus on the belt. On the left side we have the nathan pouch that I attached myself by clipping it on. If you don’t put it in the right “place” (it takes a few minutes to find where it won’t bounce) then it will bounce like it looks like it is in the picture. If it bounces it’s super annoying, so just fiddle around and make sure it works for you, you’ll find the ‘right place’ I promise. You can see right next to the little pink pouch, the adjustable strap. That is where you adjust the whole belt. For me it’s pretty tight, so it can fit tons of different people. Then on the right side, you have the small pouch. I carried my phone, my license and, I think some money and a credit card in there no problem. It’s really nice because the little pouch is super expandable and can hold a lot more than you think.


This picture is kind of pointless, but I just wanted to show you how the belt goes all the way around, this is basically the front part of the other picture. I put the little pouch on my back hip so it doesn’t hit me and bounce. Nice how it fits right on the little love handles right?!


First off, this picture is legit because I look super thin! ha ha it’s because the camera in my hand is perfectly positioned. Bonus! Also, again, ignore the butt and the arrow basically pointing to my butt, I’m not the best with photoshop! Okay, back to my review. So this is the side view of the small pouch. The pouch is a neoprene like fabric and I really like the feel of it, along with the belt fabric. Both are really soft and I know that perhaps if I ever ventured off in a sports bra, that I would be able to wear it without chafing, which says a lot. The belt has a little clip where it clips together and it stays shut no problem. The zipper on the belt is a little hard to “get into” while your running, but this was a huge improvement for me since you can slide the belt around to make it easier for you to get into. The zipper and craftsmanship (did I just say that) really seemed to be done very well on the belt and I feel that it’s sturdy and will hold up for a long time.


This is a picture from the race with my friend Billy, and just shows you how big the small side pouch is and how it looks on someone. So onto another selling point, the small pocket inside the little pouch. This is pretty cool because when I take stuff out of the big pouch, it’s nice not to have to make sure my ID, money and whatever else I might be storing in there flopping all over the ground.

Overall, as you all can tell, I LOVE the iFitness belt. It’s also great when I want to carry my iPod when don’t want to have the arm band on. It allows me to take my phone on all my long runs and the ability to have my pouch attached allows me to take my pb and js as well. Perfect for me, perfect for my chafed back and perfect for my arms that were so tired of pulling that dang fuel belt down!

So in honor of this sweet product, I’m having another sweet giveaway…. I’m giving away my OLD FUEL BELT! Just kidding, wouldn’t that be funny?! HAHA! Sometimes I just crack myself up.

But I’m actually giving away an iFitness belt!!!! HOORAY! I know that anyone who runs and wants to schlep their crap with them will love one of these bad boys. Seriously, even if you see one at a expo, I think you should give it a try, or you can even visit their website and get one there. You won’t be disappointed. Also the even better part is… my iFitness belt doesn’t have this, but they came out with a new product with REFLECTORS on them and that will be the one that I will be giving away! Yippie! So that is even cooler than the one I have, if that is possible. So leave a comment with what you must take with you on your run, or what you would take with you. It could be funny or serious, whatever you want and the winner will be chosen next Wednesday, so you guys have a lot of time to be witty and enter! Want more entries? Link back from your blog for 3 entries instead of just one!


PS if you didn’t enter the contest to win a $50 Gift Certificate to Living Rooms Direct, leave a comment on THIS POST! The winner will be announced tomorrow morning!

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