Taking a Break

This past week, I kept opening up my blog and just had nothing to write. I don’t know why, I had things to say, running was happening and going well and I had ideas but every time I looked at the blank screen all my words just left my mind and I couldn’t write. The week after Ragnar I got in some sweet runs, including two double runs, one with the team and one in the evening with Mary Kate. I haven’t run far in a while and I have been contemplating what is next for me. I know I train well during the summer and love the heat so that’s something I’ve been thinking about. I really wanted to get through Ragnar to make a decision and to figure out where I can go from here. I’ve been running faster and better than I have in years and I feel good running harder paces.

Long Beach RunningYet at the same time, track has started to take it’s toll on me. My heart belongs to cross country and the all day track meets are long and draining. When the kids run, I do feel inspired and I love watching them improve when they give it 100%, but when they’re only giving 65%, it’s hard to make myself give 100% to them. I miss cross country and the long miles in the fall. I had to take a moment last week to really reset my mind and remind myself that I need to have patience and be encouraging, just like I always tell the kids to be. I was just not being positive and little things were getting to me. It’s hard to be a coach sometimes!

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 2.54.18 PM

This Easter was great, we had my family over and though I have been sick with some kind of flu since Friday evening, and now I have an eye infection and am having to wear my glasses until Thursday, I’m looking toward the future and setting new goals. I’m taking time to really make sure I’m ready to commit to whatever the goal may be. We have a few big things happening this year, including my best friends wedding, bachelorette party, bridal shower, four more weddings, I’m working on planning our 10 year class reunion and a big trip to CABO that I’ve been working out a lot for. Though through it all, I know that running will keep me sane and I keep going back to what really will be next. I’m so blessed and I’m so thankful I am able to run daily, and my clear mind tells me that I need it to keep going.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 2.54.27 PM

Here’s to figuring out what is next!


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Ragnar 4 Rett * Day 2!

Day 2 had less photos of me running because I ran so much during the night! I had some great night runs and some not so awesome morning runs. I ran twice in the middle of the night, once right after midnight and it was a quick and flat 4 miler.

Ragnar Splits Run 4Next up was a 2 miler. The entire time during the race I kept checking the Ragnar 4 Rett Facebook page because so many of the families were following our journey and posting updates and inspiration like this below. It meant so much to me to know that they cared so much about us and what we were doing for them was so amazing. It made me so motivated when I was running thinking about the girls and their families. Before each run I would check the page for a little burst of energy and inspiration. ragnar-inspirationMy 2 miler was relatively easy, but my legs were getting heavy. I ran 7:50 pace and I knew I didn’t have much left in the tank for the next two runs, but was happy to have four of my six legs done. The next two runs were also by far the hardest legs I had in the race, so maybe I should have saved a little something more. The leg before mine, I was starting to get a little sick so I loaded up on the Immodium and was thankful my stomach held off thus far and just hoped it would stay at bay for the next two legs I had left to run. Continue reading

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Ragnar 4 Rett * Day 1!

Wow! What an experience this Ragnar was. It was a lot different from last year and it was different in a great way because we were running for an incredible cause, Rett Syndrome. It gave a new meaning to the miles and really encouraged me a lot throughout the run. I was much more consistent this year and didn’t hurt myself like last year! I also run MUCH faster, which was my goal! The day started out loading up the van and heading down to the starting line.

Team Sparkle Ragnar Ultra Team Continue reading

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Heading into Ragnar 2014!

So it’s time again… Time to run a race! It is actually a somewhat unfamiliar feeling because I haven’t run in a longer race environment myself since last December, and the last short distance race I did was at the beginning of February. Even though I’ve been running a lot, it has been a while since I actually went out there and ran hard, and that’s exactly what I plan to do this weekend. Afterwards? It’s nap time :)

Sloth Running Team Tanktank link

If you’re unfamiliar with Ragnar, it’s a relay that starts in one city and ends in another. My Teammates and I, Team Sparkle, are running from Huntington Beach to San Diego. Most teams have a team of 12, and because we are doing the ‘Ultra’ Relay, we are a team of six. You ride around in a van without really stopping or sleeping and you just keep running.

Last year, it was my first time ever running Ragnar and I was terrified of the unexpected. This year I feel a bit more prepared, and though I didn’t do many double days of training, I do feel that the running I’ve been doing lately is more quality and more consistent which will hopefully help with the double days. I have been keeping all my miles well under 9 minutes as well, which will hopefully keep me at my goal of right around 8:45 pace.

Long Beach Running

One thing that is different than a ‘normal’ racing environment is the team aspect and that factor is one of the most intimidating pieces of the whole Ragnar Race to me. When you run a race, you’re running alone. The only person you’re letting down is yourself and you only can blame yourself. I like to keep that responsibility, so I know who I’m depending on and when something goes wrong I can only point the finger back at me. It’s scary for me to allow other people to depend on me and for me to depend on them.

Another incredible aspect of the race is the fact that each mile is paired up with a girl who has Rett’s Syndrome. I have learned about some of the girls that I’m ‘paired up’ with for each mile and their stories are so motivating to me and I will constantly be thinking about them each mile. It is an honor to me to be a part of this team and run for each of these girls who cant. Read more about how we’re running 195 miles for 195 girls here. After this race, I’m looking forward to planning for fall, but I really want to enjoy this weekend and raise awareness for Girl Power 2 Cure! Here we go!


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Kurgo Giveaway!

Disclosure – Kurgo sent me a few products to review for this series on running with your dog.  All opinions and photos are my own and all content in the series is my honest opinion. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see Ts and Cs tab for more information.

One of my favorite running buddies is my dog George and I did a series on running with your dog. If you missed Part 1 on training your dog to run with you, check it out here. Want more information on nutrition for your active dog? The 2nd post is here and information on how to prevent injuries to your active dog can be found here. Continue reading

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