Target® c9 Haul with PopSugar

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own.

I am all about a variety of workout clothes. I pick up pieces everywhere I go because I have to wear workout clothes to coach; it seems like I can never get enough. I also love bright colors and fun prints because they always make working out more fun. One thing that is super important to me is clothes that are reasonably priced and durable. With all the washing you have to do to keep them clean from using them so much, it’s important that they hold up well and don’t cost an arm and a leg. I recently teamed up with FitSugar to head to Target® (one of my favorite stores) to get some new gear from its C9 activewear line, which is both affordable and fun.

Target c9 Workout Clothes Review - A variety of options that are inexpensive
I am obsessed with these tights for winter. I cannot wait to do some running in them when the temperature gets a bit cooler, and the print is so fun. Another good thing about these tights is that unlike many tights, they are not sheer and give complete coverage without being super thick. They also are long enough to go to my ankles and have a nice pocket in the back for a key. They were $27.99.

Target c9 Workout Clothing Review
The sports bra I got is a thin-strapped razorback bra that had removable cups. It has good coverage, is soft and also is moisture-wicking. I like the smaller straps because I’m in the sun a lot, so I try to keep my sports bra tan to a minimum with skinnier straps. I loved the pink color, and it was on sale for $9.99 from the clearance rack, too! Love a good bargain.

Lastly, I got a great layering tank that will be perfect, as the weather gets cooler to wear under a jacket or long sleeves. I love longer tanks because they seem to fit better and don’t ride up when running. I also love layering because I start out being very cold in the mornings when I run and as I get further along in my workout, I warm up and can tie the top layer around my waist. I thought the straps were cute and different than just a tank, and the back of the shirt is mesh to keep you cooler. The tank was $9.99.

Target c9 Workout Clothing ReviewI love affordable workout clothes, and these totally fit the bill. Target® is always on my list of places to head to when I need something functional and fun. Now, if it would just cool down so I can wear the pants!


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Shea’s Baseball Themed Bachelorette Bash!

This past month I was honored to hold my best friend’s bachelorette party before she gets married on November 15! Because she loves the Angels, we had always planned on going to an Angel game in the suite that her work has for the evening and spending the night in a hotel in the local area to make logistics easier for everyone. I started planning roughly 4 months in advance. Booking the hotel room, starting to plan the decorations, the food, everything that we wanted to do. It was a lot of fun to plan and I reached deep into my crafty side to make almost all of the decorations! The day was seriously amazing, everything came together perfectly!

I went with a black and pink theme because I thought it would be different than her wedding and is more from the “bachelorette party” color scheme. I looked long and hard on Pinterest to get ideas and see which direction I wanted to go. I started designing the invites on Photoshop and really liked how they came out! Included with the invites, I placed a little card asking each guest to bring a pair of underwear that ‘represented them’ so Shea could guess who brought each pair and on the front of the card was her sizes for lingerie.

Black and Pink Baseball Themed Bachelorette Party Invitation Continue reading

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October Beginning Marathoner Training Plan

Andi is now in her third and final month before the marathon. Unfortunately, this past month she has suffered some kind of slight stress fracture in her knee. This is been discouraging for both of us. We both seem to be somewhat injured. We’ve been struggling with motivation and cross-training and I know deep down, both of us are wondering about if we are going to be able to start the marathon. Her last long run was 15 miles and it was painful for her but she still completed it. All she has done since that long run is biking and staying off her leg as much as possible.

She went to the doctors when she first started feeling pain to see what was wrong and they did an x-ray and there is a slight crack in the bone above her knee. I really hope that we are both able to head to the start line with me on November 3rd.

This month I would’ve had her going up to her longest run before the race and then tapering for the race the week before. I know it will be a race weekend decision for what she will be running due to her knee issues. As for me, I’m planning on taking my mileage up to 16 before race day, which should be a challenge for me since I have been dealing with injuries as well. Here are the previous months in this plan.

Beginner Marathon Training Plan - Month of OctoberHere is what I had planned for her this month. Unfortunately, she won’t be running according to this plan, if anything because of her knee, but I wanted to share what I had on board for her. Hopefully we both make it to the starting line on November 3rd!


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September Recap

After a great month in August, September actually started out really rough for me and didn’t get any better. I have been having problems with planter fasciitis and even though I am trying to do everything possible to heal and get better it seems that the only way to have 100% percent recovery is to not run at all. I’ll be posting more about working on healing the heel soon. School started again so practice most days is now in the afternoon, so no more running through the empty halls!

September RecapAfter running through it most the time in August, I only ended up with 45 miles this month, which is pretty small compared to my big month last month. It was frustrating to me because every time I ran I felt terrible the next morning. I was doing everything possible for injury prevention and to make sure it was healing, but it didn’t seem to help. With rolling it out, wearing a special sock at night, heat and ice therapy and going to physical therapy, it’s pretty time consuming and not getting better faster. It’s also difficult to coach cross country when you can’t run as much as you used too.

In the middle of the month I was really getting frustrated I would get out of bed in the morning and my heel would be on fire. Towards the end of the month I decided that I was going to take two weeks off to see if that helped and then work on doing my long runs before the marathon in November. I have come to the conclusion that I can’t really do much else.

September RecapOn the flipside, this month is really exciting because I got into the Boston Marathon. I am so thrilled but yet, it’s a little scary because I want to be able to train well to run that race in April. I’ve come to the conclusion that after the City of Oaks Marathon in November, I am definitely going to take around two months off and do as much as possible to help my heel recover. Another exciting thing is our cross country season is officially in full swing. Our team had quite a few races and it’s been a lot of fun to watch the kids grow and actually race! They have a lot of talent and it’s exciting to see many of them realize how fun running and racing can be.


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2014 Breast Cancer Awareness Products

A few fun products that give back to finding a Cure for Breast CancerMany of you know that I lost my mom to breast cancer 7 years ago and the month of October is one of my favorites because of all the pink things out and how many people show support and raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Not long ago someone commented on last year’s pink post about how it was “Pink Washing”, which some people consider to be a waste of a company’s money and how it doesn’t actually do anything to raise awareness. I have never had breast cancer first hand so I don’t know how I would feel towards it, but I did find this to be interesting and I definitely see both sides of the argument.

For me personally, I like wearing pink because it reminds me of my mom and how hard she fought to live for 4 years with the disease. When she was diagnosed, she was still the rock to our family. Through her battle she taught me to be strong and always to be true to myself.  She fought hard to do all that she could while she was sick. I have such great memories of our family and friends doing the Breast Cancer Walks at the end of September and all of us wearing Pink. I also remember the time when my cousin and I did the Avon 3 day walk with my mom supporting us and how proud she was of us.

So in that spirit and with that in mind, I share with you a few of the things I’ve found that donate some, if not all, of the proceeds of the given product to a charity in the hopes to help raise awareness of Breast Cancer and to one day find a cure. Make sure to check with each product to see what part of the proceeds go to charity.

Here’s the 2014 round up of sports products that give back! I included a fun yoga mat and also some t-shirts that could be great for running or going to the gym. Also – the Give to Love, Love to Give tee is a part of the Forever 21 Give Back Campaign as well, they have a lot more products online!

Nancy Rose Performance Pink Tank

Give to Love, Love to Give Tee

Reebok Full Zip Fleece

Under Armour Support Tee

Under Armour Hope Tee

GAIAM Pink Ribbon Yoga Mat

The North Face Full Zip Hoodie

Aktiv Adidas Hooded Long Sleeve Tee

Under Armour Compression Capris

Under Armour Power in Pink Socks

Enjoy and remember, until there is a cure, this terrible disease will still affect so many women in the world whom are loved. Breast Cancer Awareness is about saving a woman, not a body part.


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