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    November Recap

    Welp. Here we are again… another month has gone by and I really feel like we should still be in mid-July, early August and I’m out buying Christmas gifts and the holiday jams are blasting. This year has seriously flow by. I think it’s true the older you get, the faster the years go, because I feel like I blinked and now it’s going to be 2017? I just was starting to get into the hang of writing 2016 on things.

    Alas… another month with no running. This season actually isn’t my favorite time to run because I really like running in the warm weather, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on too much, but there are still times when I wish I was able to get out there and clear my head a little bit. I also am finally at a point with C where I know our schedule and we could have been running in the mornings consistently especially because she’s normally a great sleeper, but alas, feeling awkward and listening to my body is more important at this point. I know we’ll get back out there in a few months, but man with 2 kids? How is that even possible?!

    This month also seemed to fly by because we finally started the remodel we’ve been working on for what seems like the entire year. We had to move out of our house and pack the entire thing up. It was a huge task, but I also felt like it was a great opportunity to get rid of so much random stuff we’ve accumulated since we got married and to get ready for moving C into a new room. It’s been interesting to pack everything up and see the daily progress of the house. I hope it’s done by March, if not earlier, but we will see!


    I’m going to try to track my walking more this month to see how far I’m going each month to get a better idea of how much I’m walking and to keep me motivated to stay healthy throughout the rest of this pregnancy.


    Life Update

    So… we’re though October and half way through November which in all honesty already feels like it’s over since Thanksgiving is next week, and I’ve yet to run more than a mile. Still.


    Perhaps it’s because we’re adding another pup to the pack next April, and that’s slowed me down again. We found out I was pregnant in August right after I broke my ankle and after that healed I wasn’t feeling great. Back to morning sickness and constantly gagging which didn’t help my running game. Finally the ankle was feeling almost 100% again and I was getting back into the swing of things butttt when I tried to run it just felt… awkward. To be honest, it’s pretty hard to not run again and to know that I won’t be running for a while. I went through a lot of the same feelings I went through when I was pregnant with C and felt angry, disappointed and upset. Now I’m trying to focus on the positive and I feel like even though I still have some downer days, I have gone more into the acceptance phase of grieving the loss of running once again.

    Hopefully, I can run again in less than a year, so I’m looking forward to that day and trying to allow myself to enjoy the break. I also know that it will help make sure that my ankle is fully healed before I run again. Continue reading…



    Before I even start… this photo is from January of 2015… Though I wish it was recent, it’s not!

    In January of 2015, I was asked to be in a Dicks Sporting goods campaign. I was so flattered, shocked and excited. I thought I was in horrible shape and, of course, that I looked fat but I showed up, got glammed up and donned the outfits they wanted me in. I tried to suck it in and do my best to look thin. The photos came out great and they were really happy with them, but when I looked at the photos all I could think to myself was, “Well, what if this was different? Or if this part of my body was more toned and in shape. I should have done this and this. I could have not eaten that treat and been in better shape. I could have worked out more.” I focused so much on how much I didn’t like the way I looked, instead of focusing on the fact I was asked to be in the campaign and how amazing that was. Now, looking at these photos now I realize I was in great shape and how I should have been happy with how I looked, because we are just a little bit (read: A LOT) away from where I was then. Ha!

    A funny things is, I also didn’t know I was 7 weeks pregnant at the photo shoot! I was focusing on training for Boston and trying to get my body back up to running higher mileage and didn’t understand why I felt so sluggish. Now, a year after having a baby, I’m back to being overly critical of myself. When I was pregnant it was hard for me to accept my changing body. I was hard on myself and unhappy with how I looked. Now, I have a fun little baby to take care of and fitting in workouts is hard, but I need to give myself a chance to get back to where I was and not focus on how flabby my arms are or the changes my stomach went through. I need to give myself grace and keep working hard and realize this is just a different time in my life.   Continue reading…

    Happy 1st Birthday C!

    This past year has been such a blur, in the best way possible. My life has changed drastically since having a baby. I don’t run as much as I used too, I don’t sleep as much as I used to and many of my days revolve around watching Daniel Tiger, Curious George, playdates and naptimes. Before I had Cora, I didn’t know how to take care of a child, much less how I would be as a Mom. Over the past year there were many challenges, moments where I had no idea what I was doing, and I asked many, many questions, but we made it. There was a lot of unsolicited advice before I had her and throughout the first year and I guess that’s just how parenting is. There seems to be so much negativity and judgement that comes along with being a parent, and knowing you’re doing everything you believe is right for your child is so important. Continue reading…

    August & September Recap

    Oh August… a month where I did pretty much nothing active at all and September… another month of nothing but healing. Because of a pretty bummer foot injury at the end of July, these past two months, were filled with doing a whole lot of nothing active. I couldn’t walk very far in the boot during the entire month of August and in the beginning of September because it was uncomfortable and also my doctor recommended I try to stay off of it as much as possible. It was really eye opening to see how much I usually do walk in a week, whether with B and C to the park, or with friends or just by myself in the evening to get out of the house. It was also a bummer because I couldn’t go to camp with my team and was very limited coaching wise. Continue reading…