Happy Adoption Day Sophie!

I cannot believe that we’ve already had Sophie for a year! It seems like she had just come into our family and we were picking her up at the shelter. She was terrified and peeing on everything and I remember how nervous I was for her and George to get along. I was very scared wondering if she would be a good fit for our family. I remember standing at the little tag maker at Petsmart trying to figure out what to name her with B, and then picking her up after she was groomed thinking how much better she looked.

Please adopt an animal from your local shelter!

Please adopt an animal from your local shelter!

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Getting back in the Groove

This month has been good to me so far! I can’t believe how fast I have been running or how warm it’s been here. Let me tell you, I love running in hot weather. It’s something to sweat and I love, love, love the heat, so that makes these warm temps very welcomed, especially since it’s suppose to normally be cold.

This past week I ran with the team most days, which is nice and gets me to run much faster than I normally would. I ran 35.5 miles this past week and true to my goal this year of running with purpose, I made sure they were all quality miles. I’m already at 40 miles for the month and know I can for sure hit 100 this month as well. My average pace this week was 8:39 which I’m more than happy with! I hope that this year I can focus on getting faster and making all my training runs count and so far I’m doing really well with that goal. I didn’t want to run harder on one of the days this week but after I reminded myself that I needed to get in a faster run and that it would pay off to push myself, the run felt great.

Running and Training I also ran hills on Saturday, which I normally avoid. I am planning on running the Redondo Beach 10K to see where I am at pace wise and it’s approaching quickly. I have been working hard and I really hope to do better than what I did at the Lakewood 5K last year. My pace for that race was 7:56 and I hope to keep it the same pace for the entire 10K. It will be a good test to see how my training is at and if I need to push harder during my longer runs.

Signal Hill Training Run with Hills

This week I hope to hit 45 miles so I need to do a few more longer runs and I need to keep making sure that my mileage is counting.



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Life is about BALANCE

Life is about balance. I need to remind myself about this constantly too. It’s about fitting it all in and what works for you. It’s easy to forget and become overwhelmed by something, and for me, it’s usually a training plan. It’s easy to get scared to miss a day, or take a rest day. I need to remind myself sometimes that there is more to running than hitting each run, which falls perfectly in line with my ‘Run With Purpose’ Goal this year.

Eating 3 donuts a day might be overboard, but sinking my teeth into one after a long run with a big glass of Sprite is one of my favorite things to do. Life is too short not to enjoy what you love and I do love a good donut. I found this ad the other day and thought it was hilarious. Since it’s Friday, treat yourself to a donut!

Life is all about Balance! This ad portrays it perfectly. Enjoy a donut :)


Have a great weekend!


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2014 Goals

I feel like it’s so easy to make big goals at the beginning of every year. But within weeks I’ll be right back to where I am drinking beer and eating cheese and still out running my normal mileage and nothing will have changed. What’s a goal that would actually challenge me and make dig deeper when I run? What can I do that will really push me out of my comfort zone?

Something I haven’t done in quite some time is set a running goal that isn’t time related. So many goals related to running are also related to time. It’s all about how far you can run and how fast you can do it. I’ve gotten caught up in this so many times. My last goal for Tucson was to break four hours in the marathon and I failed miserably. I was okay with it though because I learned quite a lot on that long, long day in the cold desert. No matter what it seems to come back to getting faster times. I don’t know if I want to set the goal of being ‘faster’ because it’s not always feasible. I cannot always commit to training and things in life pop up, like injuries, family emergencies and just life in general. When B and I do take a vacation this year, I don’t want to be consumed with getting in my miles and sacrificing valuable away time for merely hitting my training plan because there is more to life than that.

I’ve spent all of December thinking long and hard how I want to run in 2014 and I finally decided that I would come up with one word that I will think of each and every time I lace up my shoes this year. Purpose. I want to Run With Purpose

Make each run count and run with purpose.

So much of my running it seems is done just to get it done. Though I’m thankful to run, I never run with any purpose. Yes, I do want to be faster, but I don’t actually put in the work and hope that come race day I’m magically able to run faster. I don’t want every run to be ‘just to get it done’ but more to enjoy and have a focus and purpose on each run. Whether it’s to enjoy the scenery, get in some faster miles, follow a training plan specifically or to strengthen something that I need to work on, I want each run to matter and every run to have purpose. When I get up and don’t want to run, I want to repeat that word over to myself and really think about why I’m doing the run. What is it for. No matter what, I know that running with purpose will hopefully transform some of my blah runs into something memorable and that I’ll get in some awesome running this year, no matter what the times are.


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2014 Cheers!

Looking forward to this year and all that it may bring. I am going to work hard to remember this during every run.

Make every run count, they all matter!


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