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    Introducing our newest family member

    On April 5, we had the joy to welcome our newest family member! We didn’t find out the sex of this baby, like we did with C and were surprised that we had another girl! Alyssa was born at 5:58 pm and has been a wonderful addition to our family. My recovery has been much easier and we’ve been enjoying the newborn stage a bit more this time. C has adjusted so well and really doesn’t show much interest one way or another in her little sister. She does give me her bottle and pacifier if we are sitting on the couch together and is just starting to get a little bit closer to her when she’s in my arms, but mostly stays away and happily plays with her toys and reads her books.

    Alyssa seems like a pretty easy going baby so far but it is really true how they say you can’t compare your kids. It took a while to figure out her cues and what made her upset and she seems to be completely different than C, which has been fun to see how they are so unique in their own ways. Right after she was born and they handed her to me, I was surprised how different they looked to me. I had imagined another baby C in my arms! One of the best things is that they kind of fell into the routine of both napping for 2-3 hours in the afternoon and it saves my sanity with a little alone time. Also, A takes an evening nap and wakes up about 20 minutes after I put C to bed, which makes the nighttime routine a little easier especially when I am alone with them both. It is nice to have a little separate time with both of them as well.

    When C was born, Bryan took 2 months off work, which I am so grateful for because my rough recovery and getting used to everything. With A he only took a week and then went back to work. He went right back into working a straight 4 day shift, which scared me for him to leave me alone that long with two kids, but it really helped me figure out a routine and build my confidence that I was able to do this on my own.

    Both George and Sophie didn’t even flinch when we brought their second sister home and were happy to accept another creature into the home.

    I’m tired, but I feel so much more prepared this time around and even though I’m feeling fluffy all over, I’m glad I’m not pregnant anymore and can bend over again. Hopefully at my next doctor appointment I will be cleared to work out again and that will be a journey in itself!

    The One Run with Bugaboo

    Disclosure: I received the Bugaboo Runner for free. While I received the stroller for free, all opinions are my own.

    When Bugaboo reached out to me regarding trying out the Bugaboo Runner stroller, I was excited because running is such a huge part of my life. Running looks a lot different than it did back when I started this blog, but I can tell you, I’m looking forward to hopefully running again in a few months. One thing I love is running long distances, which many may think is absolutely crazy. Though running in general does bring me a lot of joy, it’s when I really can hit the groove they call the ‘runners high’ that brings me the most happiness. When I run long distances, I can get into a certain mindset that truly allows me to process things I normally don’t think about and it encourages me to let my brain just wander. When people ask me why I ran marathons in the past I couldn’t describe why, but now looking back on the events I ran, I realized it made me a much stronger person both mentally and physically and really allowed me to find myself. Continue reading…

    Kitchen Remodel

    We recently redid our entire kitchen and living space and it was quite the undertaking! We had to move completely out of our house for two and a half months and stayed with my in-laws, who live nearby. C and I would walk by daily to see the progress and making decisions about colors and tile and counter tops was very stressful for me! I didn’t want to do something trendy or that I would get sick of easily. When we first bought our house 5 years ago, I made some… interesting decisions, like paint our bathroom with stripes! Within a year I was asking myself what the heck was I thinking. I knew that this new kitchen and changing the layout of our house would be a big decision and I tried my best to make things ‘timeless’ and our style.

    Here are some photos of our old kitchen!

    Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 9.23.21 PM

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    2017… Here we go!

    How is it practically the end of January and I’ve yet to blog in 2017? To be honest, I feel like I keep this blog as an online training journal and now that I’m pretty much out of the running game… it kind of falls to the wayside. So here we are, a semi ‘life update’ post and we’ll see how this year pans out with blogging, running and family posts. I know I wanted to post a lot last year and though I did attempt when I got hurt I kind of stopped since I had no running updates to post about. I am again hopeful this year to just post whatever is on my mind and not focus so much on the fact that it might not be running related. I want to write more to remember things and be able to look back on them and read whatever was going on in my life instead of focusing so much on only writing about running and training. Continue reading…

    Christmas Gift Ideas

    Because my life is not so much in the hardcore running and training stage right now because well you know… children… I wanted to put together a few ideas for anyone who may enjoy as it is the season! Some of these items are my favorite things or are things that I’ve found that are awesome over this past year and added to my collection. This may be the most random gift guide to ever grace the internet, so enjoy.


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