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    Looking Back 2 years ago


    I saw in time hop that 2 years ago today I ran my PR and qualified for the Boston Marathon at the Mountains to Beach Marathon. I never imagined I could run the pace I did for as long as I did and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. I remember that race like it was yesterday, passing the mile markers, looking down at my watch and the excitement I got as I crossed the finish line. Man, it was a perfect day and the perfect race. I’m so glad I pushed myself beyond what I thought I could ever accomplish and now have these great memories and more confidence in my running ability. Continue reading…

    April Recap

    April had a few ups and a few downs. On the up side, last week I got my computer back so we are back in business, FINALLY! I am hopeful to get some posts up this week, so sorry if I clog your feed with some posts I’ve been working on for what seems like forever. On the down side, C wasn’t sleeping through the night for the last 2 and a half weeks. For about 10 days she’d be up 3 times, which was miserable. Then it dwindled down to two and one, and now last night she slept through again… so we’ll see how it continues. No sleep makes me a complete zombie and running went to the wayside. Running when you’ve only got 4 hours of sleep and can’t get out of the fog doesn’t sound fun so I didn’t get in a lot of running at the end of the month. It also has proved rather challenging with B’s schedule. Because he works a lot, I don’t have a regular set time he comes home and I can count on getting my run in then. I am considering getting a treadmill so I can run while she naps or in the evening when she’s asleep for the night. Continue reading…

    Power of the She!


    I’m SO excited to announce that I got the opportunity to be a part of an amazing campaign with Athleta! We filmed it back in February and it was a long day of running all over LA, but the finished product literally brought tears to my eyes. I spend so much time with Glennis and know that we both work hard to inspire the runners that we coach. The only reason I coach is to try to show my athletes that running can be an amazing part of your life, if you have the right mindset and allow it too.

    By having accountability partners, running has gotten easier as C has been growing, but just being a new mom, I’ve found so much encouragement and inspiration from fellow moms. I’d say like 85% of the time I feel like I have no clue what I’m doing and so many women have offered advice and encouragement when I’m feeling a little lost.

    Hopefully I’ll have a few more photos to share from the day soon. Alone We Are Strong, United We Thrive… I couldn’t agree more and am so honored to be included in this campaign!

    See more of the Power of The She Campaign here!


    Power of the She Running!

    Ten Years


    When my mom passed away, I imagined reaching this day and honestly, I didn’t know how I would make it this long without her. I know that over time, I’ve lost a lot of my emotion towards things. It’s something that is hard for me because I think I wasn’t an overly emotional person before her death and now I rarely show emotion at all. Even the kids I coach say that I really have no emotion. I give it to them straight and that’s just my personality. Pairing this up with the fact that I’m fiercely independent, I know I can come off as a tough nut to crack. It takes a lot for me to let people in and to really share some of my feelings. I really struggle with asking for help and accepting it. I’d rather just do everything by myself, which actually is one of the reasons why I do well with B’s work schedule and him being gone from home so often. But I never imagined what my life would look like ten years later and how happy I could be while still missing a big part of my heart.


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    March Recap


    So I have had a few blog posts in the line up… and then my computer took a nose dive and we’re still working on getting it fixed. Hopefully this month, I have to take it into Apple which is super convenient… not. This month was all about finding a routine and I think I’ve finally got it down just a little bit. The funny thing is with a baby, things are constantly changing. So right when you feel like you’ve settled into some type of normal, the whole thing makes a 180 and you’re like wait… what just happened? We did get to Spring Forward and change the clocks to allow it to stay lighter longer – one of my favorite times of the year! I love it when we have long evenings and can sit outside and it allows me to run in the evening without being terrified of being hit by a car.

    We’re just now getting into the middle of track season and though it’s busy, it’s also exciting because we can actually see our work finally paying off and the kids seem to be more motivated to train because they are racing. This past weekend we had an invitational and it was like a springboard into the season where all of a sudden we’re racing twice a week at Duel Meets and invitationals on the weekend. We went to San Diego as well with a few of our athletes and it turned out to be a great trip and hopefully will give them even more motivation. We basically have a solid month left and then it’s over. Track flies by so fast.

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