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    Five on Friday

    I’m linking up with April, whom I met through Nina back in January, today for my first ever, Five on Friday! I want to try to blog more frequently and I hope doing this weekly will help hold me accountable.


    First off this week, one of my faves was the winner of The Voice’s ‘single’, Money on You by Chris Blue. I love the beat, it’s so happy and catchy. I can’t wait to run to it soon. I actually love the blind auditions in the Voice and watched the entire season this year. The four finalists were all great!


    Since we’re talking TV related things… Can I get a big fat AMEN that the Bachelorette is BACK! I’m pretty involved in #BachNation and this season is my fourth season in a Fantasy League. It makes watching much more fun and I love the crazies they let on TV. My team this year is Adam, Brady, Josiah, Kenny, and WHABOOOOOM!!! Lucas. Let’s do this guys, don’t let me down.


    The other day the girls and I visited with a friend from college for a playdate and she let me in on a little secret. This Latte Creamer is life changing! I don’t love coffee creamer and don’t even drink that much coffee because I prefer a milk based drink with espresso instead. This makes coffee taste just like a latte and it’s SO good. I don’t add a ton to my coffee, enough to lighten it up a bit and man,it’s delicious! It comes in three flavors but my favorite is the vanilla.


    Adjusting to our new kitchen has also meant adjusting to new cleaning supplies and seeing what works well with my cleaning habits and our new area in our home. Before we had a gross countertop, I don’t even know what material it was made out of, which I just wiped down with clorox wipes. Now we have quartz, which I’m still getting use to how to clean it best. This stuff works AMAZING and gets my countertops sparkling. It’s inexpensive and doesn’t leave any streaks which is my pet peeve. You can also find it at Target.


    It’s been so fun seeing Alyssa grow so much and even though it’s a tad bit sad, we used up our last newborn diaper last night! Onto size one we go. I also put away all her newborn sleepers because her legs were too long for them. The old saying, it goes by too fast is so very true but I’m totally enjoying the little baby stage so much more this time around!

    Cheers to a great long weekend!

    The 1st Run BACCCCK!

    This weekend I had it all planned out – heading out to attempt my first run since last July when I broke my ankle. Before that my running was pretty sporadic since having C in September, from November to last July, I ran 200 miles total. I was averaging 150-200 a month before I had her. For my first run back this time I decided I wanted to take C in the stroller because I needed something to hold onto. B was going to be home and would be able to take care of the baby while we were out. Saturday morning came and things were going slower than I expected which put me in a bad mood. I knew it was going to be a hot day so I wanted to get done early. My stroller tires were flat since it wasn’t used since last July, I wasn’t dressed and B had no sense of urgency. It just hadn’t played out like how I had imagined in my head.

    Finally, after a semi-argument, finding a way to pump up the tires, getting everyone ready to go and some encouraging words I decided it wasn’t too late and I set off. The first run this time wasn’t as jarring as it was with C, maybe I was better prepared for what to expect.  Continue reading…

    C’s New Room!

    When we moved out of our house for the remodel, I knew I wanted to move C into the middle room and keep the baby room the same, since we weren’t finding out the sex of the baby. That means I’d only have to redo one room, which was previously our office.

    I wanted her new room to have longevity and hopefully we won’t have to change it for a while as she grows! I looked into having a mural painted in her room but the prices were really out of our budget. $800-$1000… I meannnn not happening! I looked a lot online for wallpaper but since it’s becoming a bit more trendy lately, they were also expensive, and B was not into doing wallpaper at all.  Continue reading…

    Introducing our newest family member

    On April 5, we had the joy to welcome our newest family member! We didn’t find out the sex of this baby, like we did with C and were surprised that we had another girl! Alyssa was born at 5:58 pm and has been a wonderful addition to our family. My recovery has been much easier and we’ve been enjoying the newborn stage a bit more this time. C has adjusted so well and really doesn’t show much interest one way or another in her little sister. She does give me her bottle and pacifier if we are sitting on the couch together and is just starting to get a little bit closer to her when she’s in my arms, but mostly stays away and happily plays with her toys and reads her books.

    Alyssa seems like a pretty easy going baby so far but it is really true how they say you can’t compare your kids. It took a while to figure out her cues and what made her upset and she seems to be completely different than C, which has been fun to see how they are so unique in their own ways. Right after she was born and they handed her to me, I was surprised how different they looked to me. I had imagined another baby C in my arms! One of the best things is that they kind of fell into the routine of both napping for 2-3 hours in the afternoon and it saves my sanity with a little alone time. Also, A takes an evening nap and wakes up about 20 minutes after I put C to bed, which makes the nighttime routine a little easier especially when I am alone with them both. It is nice to have a little separate time with both of them as well.

    When C was born, Bryan took 2 months off work, which I am so grateful for because my rough recovery and getting used to everything. With A he only took a week and then went back to work. He went right back into working a straight 4 day shift, which scared me for him to leave me alone that long with two kids, but it really helped me figure out a routine and build my confidence that I was able to do this on my own.

    Both George and Sophie didn’t even flinch when we brought their second sister home and were happy to accept another creature into the home.

    I’m tired, but I feel so much more prepared this time around and even though I’m feeling fluffy all over, I’m glad I’m not pregnant anymore and can bend over again. Hopefully at my next doctor appointment I will be cleared to work out again and that will be a journey in itself!

    The One Run with Bugaboo

    Disclosure: I received the Bugaboo Runner for free. While I received the stroller for free, all opinions are my own.

    When Bugaboo reached out to me regarding trying out the Bugaboo Runner stroller, I was excited because running is such a huge part of my life. Running looks a lot different than it did back when I started this blog, but I can tell you, I’m looking forward to hopefully running again in a few months. One thing I love is running long distances, which many may think is absolutely crazy. Though running in general does bring me a lot of joy, it’s when I really can hit the groove they call the ‘runners high’ that brings me the most happiness. When I run long distances, I can get into a certain mindset that truly allows me to process things I normally don’t think about and it encourages me to let my brain just wander. When people ask me why I ran marathons in the past I couldn’t describe why, but now looking back on the events I ran, I realized it made me a much stronger person both mentally and physically and really allowed me to find myself. Continue reading…