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    August & September Recap

    Oh August… a month where I did pretty much nothing active at all and September… another month of nothing but healing. Because of a pretty bummer foot injury at the end of July, these past two months, were filled with doing a whole lot of nothing active. I couldn’t walk very far in the boot during the entire month of August and in the beginning of September because it was uncomfortable and also my doctor recommended I try to stay off of it as much as possible. It was really eye opening to see how much I usually do walk in a week, whether with B and C to the park, or with friends or just by myself in the evening to get out of the house. It was also a bummer because I couldn’t go to camp with my team and was very limited coaching wise. Continue reading…

    July Recap


    Perhaps you noticed my blog was down for oh, a few weeks, and well… after quite a few hosting problems, I’m BACK! July was a semi good month, that ended pretty poorly. I started out doing really well at the beginning of the month! Up until July 29th… when I broke my foot running. Such a bummer, but onto the good stuff and when I was actually running.

    I was at 40 miles for the month and running well. I had started back to running with the team and was feeling good, even if I was running slower than I had expected. I also had fit in 3 runs every week, besides the week we were on a family vacation, which I was happy with.

    I also fit in an 8 miler, which was on target for at least part of my lake run during our upcoming cross country training camp that was to take place in August. The 8 miler was the longest run I’ve completed since having C and it was a great feeling to actually get into mileage again. It wasn’t easy and I definitely had to push myself mentally, but I felt really accomplished when I got home and I knew it would help build my base as I wanted to run longer mileage once a week.

    Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 4.14.28 PM Continue reading…

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    Review of the Bugaboo Runner

    Disclosure: I received the Bugaboo Runner for free. While I received the stroller for free, all opinions are my own.

    Recently, Bugaboo reached out to me to test their new stroller, the Bugaboo Runner. It looked like a very interesting and different stroller than I was running with and I was very excited to give it a try. Because of B’s schedule I have to do 90% of my running with a stroller, so having a stroller that works excellent helps keep me motivated and wanting to go run. Some of the main features I found helpful are the reversible and reclining seat, the brake on the handle bar, and the fixed front wheel. There are a ton more features about the stroller I loved too, but these were what really made a huge difference when running with it. Continue reading…

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    La Palma 5K Race Recap

    I ran the La Palma 5K again this year. Normally I do the 10K, but with limited to not consistent running, I knew it wouldn’t be a great idea to try for the 10K, because I know I always end up racing… racing a 5K sounded a little bit more forgiving than racing a 10K. I was so excited to wear a few new Sparkle Athletic pieces including this new skirt and awesome leg warmers. Races like this are so much fun because they are small, easy to get to and this one is always very patriotic. I also grew up in the area so running where I ran in high school is always a good memory too. Continue reading…

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    June Recap

    I just wrote my May recap, and June is already done! So this month I did really well getting back into running and going to the gym. I ran 41.6 miles, which is the most I’ve ran in well over a year. After my surgery in May, I waited until June 8th to run, which was when I felt awkward and not ready to get back to it. So I waited until the 15th and tried again and felt normal! So I did all my running from the 15th through the 30th which I thought was really good. My average pace was a little over 9 minutes per mile and most of my running this month was once again done with the stroller, which was fine. Continue reading…