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ragnar-day-2-banddHi! Nice of you to stop by. My name is Danica and I am the writer behind “Chic Runner”.

Chic Runner began in 2008. After majoring in communications and minoring in creative writing in college, I really missed writing after graduating. When I combined running and writing, mostly my training and race recaps, Chic Runner was born.

Since the beginning, I’ve run multiple races in a few different states, gotten married and started coaching Track and Cross Country at a local high school. I ran my first marathon in May of 2009, and it wasn’t a great experience. I finally had the race that I dreamed of at the Long Beach Marathon in October 2009 {read about it here} It made me believe in second chances.

I’ve run quite a few races since that marathon but recently have really been trying to make every one of my training runs have purpose. I have changed up my training routine to reflect that and in May 2014, much to my surprise, I ran faster than I ever expected I could, pr’ed in the marathon by over 23 minutes and qualified for the Boston Marathon! It was another magical day and I was really excited to run Boston in April 2015. I was shocked to find out I was pregnant in January of 2015 and was not able to run Boston but hope to re-qualify and make the trip sometime in the future.

mountains-to-beach-bqI started running when I joined my junior high cross-country team back in ’99. I ran track, played soccer and ran cross country through high school. It seemed like I grew up running. One of the biggest changes that I’ve been through was when I lost my mom my Junior year of college. When she passed away, I stopped running. I don’t know why, but I felt like I couldn’t do anything that made me happy when she was alive. When I coached a small high school cross-country program at one of the first meets I attended, I cried at the start of the race. It was shocking because I am not an emotional person. It was then that I realized how much I loved running and how I missed it. When I was began running consistently again, things began to fall back into place. I was happier! One saying I remind myself of often is, “Live What You Love.” That is exactly how I want to live my life, doing things I love.

I always loved writing and advertising so after college I landed my first job and worked at various agencies and companies doing social media, copy writing and marketing. I thought I would end up doing that for my career.  moore-leauge-finals

After working in Hermosa Beach for a year and a half, I reached out to a few people about local coaching opportunities and when it seemed to be too late in the season to start with a team, I was offered the position to at a local high school. I took a giant leap of faith {and with the support of my very loving husband} took the assistant high school cross country and track coach position. I never imagined how fulfilling coaching would be and how much I enjoy it.

I am married to an amazing guy who is a firefighter for the City of Los Angeles. He doesn’t love running as much as me, actually who am I kidding, he hates running, but he has really made my life more fun. We have 2 fun rescue dogs and recently welcomed our daughter into our family.

In high school, I was much faster than I am today, but throughout my life experiences, related to running or not, I have come to realize it’s not about the time or your place in the race, but the journey it takes you to get to the finish line.

Happy Running!

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