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So uhhhh where did the first part of the year go? Yea, you tell me… because I’m over here still feeling like it should be riiiiight around March 21st, maybe April… and it’s July 2nd. Cool. Glad that it’s  Summer and that means next up, it’s Christmas. See ya later 2018. But seriously, I haven’t had much motivation to blog or run in the beginning of the year and for some reason, in my mind, those two go hand in hand. I always think that my (very small) audience will only want to read about running so therefore when I don’t run, I don’t write. It doesn’t truly make sense because I still have a lot to share and this is my small little space on the internet and I should jot down a few things here and there to look back on and laugh at later down the road. Like the photos and graphics I used to share that look like they are from 1998.Anyways, a quick recap to get you up to speed.January – I ran 35 miles. Felt pretty good. Alyssa FINALLY started crawling around a bit more and we went to Knotts Berry Farm a few times. At the end of January, B’s dad was very sick and it was unfortunately the beginning of a long stint in ICU. It was a really emotionally and physically draining time for our entire family and running towards the end of the month took a backseat. February – 24 miles in the book, C & A were sick on and off which makes running difficult when you’re up a few times during the night. B’s dad had started improving a bit but we still didn’t know how things would end up so a lot of time was spent at the hospital and back and forth. February 21st was actually the first day that C & A started to play together for the first time! I know because I have photos of them crawling after each other. It was crazy to actually see them interact together, and took long enough!March – 11 miles. Eek, this is where my motivation left me, and I don’t know where it went! I did go to an amazing Bachelorette party for one of my college best friends and it was such a fun weekend away. We toured the Malibu Wine Farm and went on a Hike and fed Stanley the Giraffe. Bryan’s dad was finally waking up and starting to improve a lot, which was a miracle and answer to prayers. He finally got to come home right in time for A’s 1st Birthday Party!April – 5 miles. HAHA. So there’s that. We had A’s First Birthday Party and it was so much fun. We decided to do it at the local park and I’m so glad we went that route. It was so easy and clean up was throwing the table cloths into the trash can. We also were able to go to Disneyland with tickets that they gave to the LAFD Firefighters and took Cora. It was such a fun, special day for all of us! Another very special event was Bryan’s Promotion Dinner at his Station. He was recently promoted to Engineer and it’s a tradition to have a dinner for your station before you move to the next station. It was a great evening seeing all the guys and thanking them for helping him throughout the 2 year long testing process.May I started off great and ran a total of 38 miles. I also was doing a lot of weight resistance training in my garage gym, which is a very generous term for the space I use. This month proved for even more interaction and more fights between these two. We’ve also frequented the local equestrian center quite a few times and have some favorite animals over there. Lately, pushing these two isn’t as easy as it used to be. There is a lot of poking and arguing with no words and hitting. I know it’s the stage Alyssa’s in and hopefully it will get better over time. By the last mile I’m sprinting home to get them to stop screaming at each other and the last quarter mile Cora’s always crying to get out. So if you see a crazy person sprinting with two screaming children, she’s not kid napping them! Overall, the beginning of the year had a lot of struggles and a lot of excitement and joy at the same time. Seems like I’m getting my motivation to work out and write back. June recap coming up next… Stay tuned…

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