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Five on Friday

Checking in this week for Five on Friday! Another week flew by and today feels like my Monday because B left for work for a few days. Here we are and it’s the middle of August! I cannot believe it. I’ve started planning Cora’s 2nd Birthday, which is almost unbelievable to me, and we started our house remodel a YEAR ago this month! So crazy to think about. Anyways, here’s my 5!


Classic Man by Jidenna. This song has been my GO TO when running lately! I always start my run with it and it gets me pumped and moving quick(er) right from the start.


Well not so much a favorite, but what WAS the Bachelorette Finale?! I’m still so confused as to what I watched. As many of you know, I’m a big fan and in a bachelor fantasy league and this was probably one of the most shocking finales yet it got little publicity and the format was so strange. I don’t agree with her choice and found the whole thing hard to watch! Totally reminded me of the Break Up with Jennifer Aniston. An interesting end to a semi-weird season.


We got GRASS! This week was exciting because B finished a big part of our front yard that he’s been working on for a while, and he laid our grass! We opted for a different kind of grass this time around that does really well in very hot weather and loves the sun. Our front yard gets a LOT of sun and I think it looks so nice! So thankful for his hard work of putting it in by himself.


Munch Mitt. One of the favorite toys of Cora when she was little was the munch mitt and Alyssa loves it now too! Cora used to chew her hands so much they were raw and it was before she could really hold a toy. I found these and she loved them!! I tried it on A the other day to see if she would like them and bingo! Straight into the mouth and she was happily chewing away.


Lately I’ve been hitting up Grocery Outlet for some interesting and different finds and to save money on some of my normal groceries. I’ve been loving it! I usually do my grocery shopping at night when the girls are sleeping or during naptime when B is home. Unless I really need something, it’s not as fast or easy to take them, so I choose do it without them. You just have to be aware of the expiration dates on some things and they don’t have everything you might need, but I’ve cut my monthly grocery bill by over 700 dollars, soooo that’s awesome! We also have had fun trying some new things.

Here’s to a great weekend! I’m hoping to fit in a naptime workout today and run with both of the girls tomorrow morning!

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