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La Palma 5K Race Recap

Whoooooweeeee I haven’t run a race in a long time and this little 4th of July race was a good place to start up again. I love running races. They are so fun and make everyday running more enjoyable when you’re training for something or have a goal in mind. I knew I had this race coming up on my calendar so it kept me going when I was tired or didn’t want to run in the mornings. 

Race morning I was tieeeerd and didn’t want to get out of bed. I contemplated even going to the race for about 20 minutes, and texted Mary Kate, who I was suppose to meet up, if she was still going to go. Alyssa had gotten up once for a feeding and we went to bed way too late. We were also planning to host a block party on the 4th and preparing for that, my body was sore. I had pretty much every excuse in the book. Once I finally got moving though I knew I should go run it and before I could change my mind, I was driving towards the start line. I wore my Sparkle Athletic Blue Skirt, a tank and my high American flag socks I randomly got in London 6 years ago.

Once I got there I had a Honey Stinger waffle. I’ve been eating these before running lately because I find I need a little something in my stomach and my stomach is very particular before running. These are light and give me just enough energy to not feel exhausted. MK showed up and we were off to the start line to get our bibs. This race is seriously a local gem. It’s small, easily accessible, tons of parking, cheap and has popsicles at the end. Always a fun way to start off the fourth and I’ve been running it for a LONG time now. I only missed the year I was super pregnant with Cora. Another perk of this small race? Free Race Photos. What a great way to celebrate America’s Freedom!

Once we got our bibs, I noticed the shirts were different this year and love it! It’s a soft, lightweight blue t-shirt which is much better than a cheapie dryfit. We walked over to the start line and we ready to go all in about 10 minutes! The joys of a small race. After a very nice national anthem we were off. In the beginning I felt like I should have signed up for the 10K, but about a mile in I was glad I was only going to be doing the 5K. The first 4-5 minutes I tried to relax and not go out to fast, something I always do and pay for it at the end. It was a warm day even in the morning and I didn’t want to struggle at the end for trying to hard in the beginning.

Once we hit the one mile mark, I was glad we only had 2 miles left. I had opted to not take the stroller since both of the girls were sleeping at home and I honestly think I could have run faster with it! Before I knew it we were rounding the last street and heading into the last section of the race. I had the goal of finishing in around 26 minutes, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen because I was feeling tired and hot. My legs were getting really heavy and I know it’s because I had only been back to running for a little over a month. We neared the finish line and it was nice to be done. I finished in 28:05 and was pretty happy with my pacing. I’m so glad I didn’t sign up for the 10K, I would have struggled, especially in the heat.

After MK finished, we got popsicles and gathered our shirts and car keys. My legs were a bit sore but not as much as I thought they would be but my back was very sore the next day. I’m so glad I ended up running and had such a good time. It made me think about what races I want to do in the near future and how to train for each one. I’m still playing around with the idea of a fall half marathon, so we’ll see how my summer training goes!

The rest of the day we had a great block party, our first annual, and it was really fun! We started the day off with a parade and then had a chili cookoff and finished it with fireworks.

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