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Making Goals

So when it comes to life, I’m a big list maker, even if it’s for small things. Usually I have daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals – all things I want try to accomplish. When I was pregnant with C, my goal was to get through birth. I was terrified of it and I didn’t read too much about it because I knew it’d freak me out. I wanted to go in with an open mind to whatever was going to happen. Same applies to running a race, I usually don’t look at a course map beforehand or else I overthink about the hills, or out and backs, and I get in my own head. With C, things went great and apparently I decided having a baby wasn’t all that bad and had another one pretty quickly.

Now with 2 kids, my days are a little more chaotic but I still go by my lists and goals. I feel like being realistic with goals is so important. B sometimes drives me a little crazy with how much he wants to get done immediately. Like, oh, we’re remodeling the kitchen? Let’s rip it apart 3 weeks before we move out! Not the brightest idea… but he means well. Right after adding A to our family, my daily goal was to take a shower, or remember to eat breakfast, haha.

To be honest, I feel like I have been pregnant for the past 3 years of my life.  The time between our girls was so short, and I didn’t lose all the weight after C, partially because I knew we were going to hopefully have another baby soon and I was SO tired all the time and not motivated at all to workout or run. I am so thankful for our family but man it did a bit of a wreck to my body and self confidence when I look in the mirror. I really want to work on getting back to where I’m a bit more comfortable with how I look and how my clothes fit. I know I carry all my weight in my mid-section and right now I feel like I look like an M&M!

As soon as I started running I started thinking about my goals. What did I want to accomplish and why was I running. First off, it’s a little ‘me’ time that I know is important to keep my sanity. Mentally, it helps me SO much. Even though right now I’m running with the stroller, it’s still time where no one is climbing on me, crying (for the most part), or needing anything. It’s time I can just think, get out of the house, and be semi-alone. I also know it will help me get my body somewhat back into shape, even if I have to be patient with myself and my current running ability. Bottom line is, I enjoy it SO much, even the crappy miles that aren’t fun to run.

I do well when I have something I’m working towards so I signed up for the La Palma 5K on the 4th of July. The competitive and sometimes dumb person inside me wanted to sign up for the 10K but I restrained and opted for the 5K. I know it will be easier for me and I’ll do better in that distance. I also am super aware of my mileage right now and not increasing my mileage too quickly to not get injured. I usually run this race and I’ve only missed it 2 years ago when I was pregnant with C. It gives me a good goal to work towards this next month and will keep my running consistent even though it’s definitely hard to get up in the morning and go when I’ve been getting up in the night with Alyssa!

My goals right now are just to keep running and making it a priority for me and hopefully to have a good race in a month! To keep being patient with myself and not put too much pressure on myself and to enjoy every mile as much as this girl does.

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