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Five on Friday

It’s time for another 5 on Friday! This week I didn’t have a chance to blog much but hopefully next week I have a little bit more time to post.


Roy’s Sushi Class. This was B’s Father’s Day gift because I’m trying to not give stuff and focus more on experiences and memories. I got an email about this class and it looked fun so I called and signed us up. It was $55 and SO great! We got SO much food and learned a lot about how to make and roll sushi. We learned how to make a hand roll, California roll, Maine Lobster Roll, Tuna Tartare and their famous Sunrise at Haleakala Roll. It was well worth it and a great day date activity.


Aquarium Time. We got passes from B’s parents for Christmas and haven’t gone much since we had A. We ventured out with her this week and it was great! C was a bit more interested as she gets each time we go and A did awesome, even though I think she wanted to get out of her car seat at some points. It was fun until the end when C had the most epic meltdown of her entire life and just sat in the center of the outdoor area screaming and kicking for a good 10 minutes. We decided it was time to go after that.


This week I had a little Summer Bible Study Girls Night and before I went and got my nails done. It was LONG overdue and B encouraged me to leave a little early and get them done. I wanted a nice red for the 4th and this was the first bottle I picked up! The color name made me laugh :)


Running this week has not been great. I ran Tuesday and haven’t ran since. B picked up a random shift and so that ruined my plans to run Thursday and will probably work on Saturday too. I was actually planning on taking them both Thursday, but when I went outside to take the trash out to the curb everything was covered in ash and it was so smokey out because of some brush fires in the area. I knew it wasn’t a good idea to run in the air quality and also for them being out in it. Alas, I will attempt to run Saturday but I do have my race next Tuesday so maybe a break was good for me. I was hoping to run 50 miles this month but ended at 45.2 miles for the month.


This Ballard Design Laundry Mat. I am hoping to add this to our laundry room soon! It looks so cute and would be great to add a cushioned mat to that area since I stand there and fold our laundry before putting it away. I also have been eyeing some of their rugs for the living room and kitchen area that is still a bit unfinished. Hopefully we can get them soon!

Here’s to a great Holiday weekend!

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