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Five on Friday

This week equally flew by and also felt like it was draaaaaging along at times. So funny how that happens. It’s been SUPER hot here and it’s going to cool off this weekend so that will be a nice change.


French Braiding – I’ve been attempting to learn how to french braid my own hair for as long as I can remember. I don’t know why but it’s SO hard for me to do. I finally have been watching some pretty cool tutorials (Twist Me Pretty, BloHaute, Missy Sue Blog) and I tried to do it the other day not looking in the mirror and it worked WAY better. I couldn’t believe it! I still have some major wonky parts, can only do an ‘inside out’ braid and my hair is SO thick right now it’s a little hard to deal with, but it’s the best attempt I’ve ever done. Hopefully with more tutorials and C taking an hour to eat a meal, I can practice my braiding over the kitchen sink.



WTF Weather App – I saw someone post about this on Instagram and it’s hilarious! Makes checking the weather that much more fun, especially with the super hot weather we were having! Just look it up in your app store.


Airplane Landing Park – We went to LAX last Saturday when B was off work in the morning to show C the planes. It was SO much fun and she was freaking out with excitement. We’ve been trying to go for a few weeks and I’m so glad we finally did. It’s right next to LAX and an In and Out Burger and I was proud that I didn’t give into the animal style fries for lunch.


I’m looking for a more mom friendly wardrobe and was wondering if anyone had any great not super tight tank tops they loved? PLEASE leave a comment with your favorites! I am finding that all I have are loose fitting spaghetti strap tanks which are cute if I’m not bending over and exposing my bra to everyone at the playground. I also don’t love the super tight ones because I’m still working on getting back into shape. So maybe a little flowy with some thick straps so I can wear a normal bra. Any faves? Let me know!


Maidenform Strapless Bra – Since having A, my bra size changed a bit and I with this heatwave I’ve been wearing tanks and I hate having my straps hang out. I’ve looked for a strapless bra but a lot of them don’t have great support. A bra not staying up while your wrangling two kids is a BIG problem. I was feeling a big discouraged until I found this one at Target! It’s super soft, fits great, stays up well and gives you a normal ‘shape’. I didn’t want to spend a ton since I know the size will probably be changing as I lose weight {hopefully} so this was perfect. I’ve worn it a few times and love it!

I ran a 4.5 miler yesterday and felt awesome, so I’m looking forward to hopefully feeling great on my 6 miler tomorrow morning!

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