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Five on Friday

It’s that time of the week! Honestly, a lot of the time I don’t know what day it is because B’s schedule is so all over the place… but this week I knew it was Friday because he works one more day and then is off for four full days! Hooray!


Black Bean Hummus

I had forgotten about this stuff for a while but now I’m back to adding it to my daily afternoon because pairing it up with some bell peppers is one of my favorites snacks. It’s so light and fresh, perfect for summer. I love also putting it on a taco instead of beans as well. You can apparently make it yourself if you’d like, or buy it like I do.


Everything but the Bagel Seasoning

This little gem is from Trader Joes and I put this on so many different types of things! Veggies, chicken, pasta, sandwiches, eggs, and it’s ALL so good! It’s the perfect little seasoning that goes a long way!


Dove Sea Salt and Carmel Chocolates

Every night at the end of the day when B is at work I have two little chocolates and man, these ones are so good! They also have fun little messages on the wrappers, and this one made me smile because the next morning I was getting up early to run. It’s something to look forward to once everyone is in bed and I have some peace and quiet.


Cora’s getting a little closer!

We’ve been working with C and her friendliness with her little sister. It’s slowly happening, but it’s been so fun to see the progression. To be honest, I’d much rather her be not overly friendly with A because keeping her a healthy distance away makes my life WAY easier, but a hug or kiss every now and then would be nice, which she has gotten so much better at giving out.


Fubbles Bubble Machine

You guys. Who knew that blowing bubbles is like pretty much one of the most annoying things to do, ever. You get light headed, the bubbles never really are good and your hand is sticky and disgusting. Your child is waiting for more and you just can’t blow any more bubbles! I found this guy for 4.99 at Target and vow to never blow bubbles again in my life. The reviews aren’t great for it, but we haven’t had any problems and for $5, I’m happy with it.

Hope everyone has a great Fathers Day!

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