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6 Great Things for Baby #2

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With two tiny tots we have found a few new “must have” things to add to our bag of tricks. We also have a few old faves that have continued to make our life easier.

Skip Hop Backpack – So with C, I just used a giant purse that I already had as my diaper bag and I had a skip hop changing pad inside. I realized quickly this wasn’t going to work with two when I had multiple sizes of diapers, many changes of clothes, bottles, sippy cups, snacks and burp cloths to just name a few things. Then trying to juggle it all while holding C and the carseat, I just knew it wasn’t a great plan. A backpack seemed like a way more logistically friendly option and for these first almost three months it has really been a life saver! With lots of separate pockets I can pack both girls up and throw it on my back like the pack mule I’ve become. We also got C a little backpack so she can schlep some of her own stuff sometimes too! She loves to wear it and it was a ‘gift’ from her sister along with a doll that she could care less about.

Summer Infant Double View Monitor – This was another must have as both of our kids are still in cribs and napping throughout the day we wanted to keep an eye on them. Had I known that they were going to be so close together I would have probably gotten this monitor to begin with. It has worked SO well, minus that the battery doesn’t last very long but I think that is a very common problem with monitors. Great picture, good viewing panel, and I like that it has the dual screen capabilities and also the talkback option.

The Mamaroo – Thankfully we had this from C and it has worked its magic again! I’m so glad it doesn’t take up too much space in our house and is somewhat neutral colored. A actually likes it’s WAY better than C did and its been great to set her down in it while I’m trying to feed her big sis lunch or get ready to head out for the day.

AngelCare Bath Support – The first time around we swore by the Puj Tub, but unfortunately with our new farmhouse sink it doesn’t fit anymore and now we also have two little bodies to bathe. This has been a life saver especially when I’m alone with both of them and they need a bath. It allows me to wash them both at the same time and keeps her nice and supported. I know we’ll be using this for a while!

Ubbi Diaper Pail – I have heard so many people say that diaper pails are a waste, but honestly, we LOVE ours and I’d much rather throw diapers away in there then take them out to the trash can each time because it’s not convenient the way our house is set up. Now that we are going through a looooot of diapers and it’s easier to just have one in each room. We loved the first one so much that we bought another one, same exact kind and color. No stink and I empty them once a week.

Ergo Carrier – This has been a lifesaver for me, especially in the evenings when B is working. I never really had to wear C that much since I had free hands. Well now those hands are taken up! Feeding lunch and dinner are the most challenging times for me.  I tried a few different wraps and none of them offered the support like the Ergo and I felt the best and most secure wearing this as well.

The stuff we’ve been reusing a TON already are the Halo Sleep Sacks, Avent Natural Bottles, Burp Cloths, Angel Care (totally helps me sleep at night) and the sound machine. We have two of the same sound machines and those things are always running ;) This is also B’s MUST HAVE, best baby product EVER (his words) the Skip Hop Changing Pad. We had another one and it was oddly stolen out of my car and we bought another one two days later. It’s amazing on the go and when you’re out and about!

And someone please buy this Skip Hop High Chair… We have the previous version of this, but this one is beauuuuuuutiful!

It’s been a transition with 2 kids but honestly, it’s been much easier than I expected. Another mom told me to go in with really really low expectations and I think that has been the best piece of advice because I was pleasantly surprised. Also, Alyssa is an incredibly easy and laid back baby and Cora is really self entertained and easy going as well. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m really enjoying being a mom more than I ever imagined I would!

Do you have any must haves for your babies/kids? What should I put on my list as they grow? Favorite toys/learning things? Leave a comment so I can add it to my amazon cart and see if it ever drops in price ;)

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