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Introducing our newest family member

On April 5, we had the joy to welcome our newest family member! We didn’t find out the sex of this baby, like we did with C and were surprised that we had another girl! Alyssa was born at 5:58 pm and has been a wonderful addition to our family. My recovery has been much easier and we’ve been enjoying the newborn stage a bit more this time. C has adjusted so well and really doesn’t show much interest one way or another in her little sister. She does give me her bottle and pacifier if we are sitting on the couch together and is just starting to get a little bit closer to her when she’s in my arms, but mostly stays away and happily plays with her toys and reads her books.

Alyssa seems like a pretty easy going baby so far but it is really true how they say you can’t compare your kids. It took a while to figure out her cues and what made her upset and she seems to be completely different than C, which has been fun to see how they are so unique in their own ways. Right after she was born and they handed her to me, I was surprised how different they looked to me. I had imagined another baby C in my arms! One of the best things is that they kind of fell into the routine of both napping for 2-3 hours in the afternoon and it saves my sanity with a little alone time. Also, A takes an evening nap and wakes up about 20 minutes after I put C to bed, which makes the nighttime routine a little easier especially when I am alone with them both. It is nice to have a little separate time with both of them as well.

When C was born, Bryan took 2 months off work, which I am so grateful for because my rough recovery and getting used to everything. With A he only took a week and then went back to work. He went right back into working a straight 4 day shift, which scared me for him to leave me alone that long with two kids, but it really helped me figure out a routine and build my confidence that I was able to do this on my own.

Both George and Sophie didn’t even flinch when we brought their second sister home and were happy to accept another creature into the home.

I’m tired, but I feel so much more prepared this time around and even though I’m feeling fluffy all over, I’m glad I’m not pregnant anymore and can bend over again. Hopefully at my next doctor appointment I will be cleared to work out again and that will be a journey in itself!

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