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2017… Here we go!

How is it practically the end of January and I’ve yet to blog in 2017? To be honest, I feel like I keep this blog as an online training journal and now that I’m pretty much out of the running game… it kind of falls to the wayside. So here we are, a semi ‘life update’ post and we’ll see how this year pans out with blogging, running and family posts. I know I wanted to post a lot last year and though I did attempt when I got hurt I kind of stopped since I had no running updates to post about. I am again hopeful this year to just post whatever is on my mind and not focus so much on the fact that it might not be running related. I want to write more to remember things and be able to look back on them and read whatever was going on in my life instead of focusing so much on only writing about running and training.

First off, running. Not happening. This time around I’m much more accepting of it and not as upset about not running for so long, and I feel like I’m in a better place about the 10 month break I’m taking. I am starting to really miss it a lot the bigger I get, but it’s nice knowing there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and even though it will be an adjustment with 2 kids, I know running is once again somewhat in my nearish future. I’ve been perusing for a double running stroller and looking at a few gently used options online, so we’ll see what I end up getting for my much anticipated and very slow return. I would love to leave C or the baby at home with B when I go run and only take the single stroller, but I know that won’t always be feasible with his schedule so a double jogging stroller will be key to get my running done and keeping my sanity.

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As for C, she literally gets more fun every day and I don’t even know how that is possible. She did a class of ‘gymnastics’, term used VERY loosely, through the city recreation program and now when I say, let’s do a flip she gets into the position to flip her over. It’s so cute and she makes me laugh so hard. She roars like a lion and loves doing puzzles and books. It has been so much fun and watching her learn and when she get excited it makes me so happy. We have such a good routine going and she is usually so happy and so much fun even when she doesn’t get her way and throws a tantrum. For Christmas we got passes to the aquarium and the zoo and recently went to Knotts berry farm as they let Fire and Police officers in for free for 2 months around Christmas time. It was so much fun and I really love the stage she’s in right now.

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Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 5.48.46 PM

Looking towards the future which seems to be quickly approaching, I’m really a lot more excited about having another baby this time around. I think before I had C, I honestly was really nervous about giving birth, having a baby, if I would even like being a mom, and how would I ever keep a child alive?! There is so much negativity surrounding babies and motherhood and how hard it is and I feel like it’s easy to focus on that part. It was and still is hard! At the end of the day though, we got through it and it’s been SO much more rewarding and fun then I could have ever imagined. I’m looking forward to having two and how much fun it will be, even though it will be a lot of work at the same. I know something I’m going to really try to do this time around is to enjoy the newborn stage a little bit more instead of being paranoid I was doing everything ‘right’ and how nervous I was doing everything.

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As for the house remodeling project… it’s coming right along! We’ve officially hit the 2 month mark of the project and have about 2 and a half weeks left until we will hopefully be able to move back into the house. It’s a lot of finishing work now so it seems like we are making a lot of progress every day. What we decided to do was push out the front of our house 6 feet to the end of our previous porch and added a new porch onto the front. We also took down 2 walls that divided the living area and the kitchen to create an open floor plan. I’m pretty excited about this because it will make watching the kids way easier and I won’t have to yell out to B to talk to him. By gutting the entire area, we had to redo our entire kitchen and decided to add an island for more seating and to add counter space. During the permitting process we realized that our relatively new patio we had built was not in code and had to do a few updates to that as well. Right now a lot of my ‘big choices’ like counter tops and tile and paint are starting to happen and they make me a little nervous that it will all come together, but it’s exciting to see the progress daily. Can’t wait to show more before and after photos!

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 5.48.23 PM

I’m looking forward to this year and all that it may hold!


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