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Christmas Gift Ideas

Because my life is not so much in the hardcore running and training stage right now because well you know… children… I wanted to put together a few ideas for anyone who may enjoy as it is the season! Some of these items are my favorite things or are things that I’ve found that are awesome over this past year and added to my collection. This may be the most random gift guide to ever grace the internet, so enjoy.


Kate Somerville Face Wash/Toner/Moisturizer – So right before my 31st birthday this year I decided it was time to up my game in the face wash department… I mean I’m not a 15 year old and maybe using clean and clear wasn’t in my best interest long term. I started this face wash and love it. I have pretty normal skin and this has really helped. My skin feels soft, super clean and I think the routine of doing all 3 has helped tremendously. I love the smell and it doesn’t dry out my skin at all. I also LOVE this mask – it feels awesome and really shluffs off the old skin. I have the small version and already have gotten a ton of uses out of it.


Divvies Cookies – These would be perfect for your allergic friend who has a sweet tooth! These may only be local to me, but I’m OBSESSED with these cookies and when you’re pregnant… you get to treat yourself! ;) Check out their where to find us tab. The cookie sandwiches are my favorite!


Saje Peppermint Halo Rollerball – I recently got the opportunity to try this brand and a few of their products at the Malibu Marathon and let me tell you… this has quickly become an addiction. I put it on before bed and when I know I will be in a situation where I might have heightened stress or tension, like driving to LA at 8:00 am, and it really helps relax me.


OPI Chip Skip Nail Polish – So I go back and forth between not biting my nails and biting them down to nothing, which is terrible. I have been working to keep them polished because I bite them way less that way. This polish is MAGICAL! It works so well and usually chips are my biggest problem. I even take this with me to the nail place when I get a manicure.


Milky Piggy Bubble Mask – This is probably one of the most random finds of the year, but a gem none the less. It’s a face mask that really is more fun that I feel like it ‘does something’ and would be great for a spa night with friends! Just a warning though, be prepared to look like Shrek when the mask is finally bubbled up.


Coffee Mug Sleeve and matching baby headband – So I got this last year and loved it! I have busted it back out for this Christmas season and it’s perfectly adorned my red cup. Her shop has so many other cute options too!


Saucony Zealot Reflex – I LOVE These shoes and they are also totally reflective which is awesome when running at night, which I haven’t used them to run, but only walk in lately and they offer so much comfort and support and are perfect in the nighttime seasons.

So… enjoy a few of my favorite things and Merry almost Christmas!






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