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Life Update

So… we’re though October and half way through November which in all honesty already feels like it’s over since Thanksgiving is next week, and I’ve yet to run more than a mile. Still.


Perhaps it’s because we’re adding another pup to the pack next April, and that’s slowed me down again. We found out I was pregnant in August right after I broke my ankle and after that healed I wasn’t feeling great. Back to morning sickness and constantly gagging which didn’t help my running game. Finally the ankle was feeling almost 100% again and I was getting back into the swing of things butttt when I tried to run it just felt… awkward. To be honest, it’s pretty hard to not run again and to know that I won’t be running for a while. I went through a lot of the same feelings I went through when I was pregnant with C and felt angry, disappointed and upset. Now I’m trying to focus on the positive and I feel like even though I still have some downer days, I have gone more into the acceptance phase of grieving the loss of running once again.

Hopefully, I can run again in less than a year, so I’m looking forward to that day and trying to allow myself to enjoy the break. I also know that it will help make sure that my ankle is fully healed before I run again.

What have we been up to lately, well we are starting a big remodel process of our house which will hopefully open up the kitchen and redoing the floors and a few other things which will be very exciting… once it’s done! I’ve been busy packing up the entire house and going through a lot of the stuff we’ve accumulated over the past 5 years which has been great to get rid of stuff that we haven’t used and didn’t even know we had in the depths of the closets.

I haven’t been running but we’ve been walking when we can and I need to start tracking my walking miles again like I was the first time. It’s finally cooling down around here so it’s been nicer to walk in the evenings.

My bestie, Shea and I went to Palm Springs for a little getaway weekend to celebrate my birthday and though I wish it was longer it was really fun to do nothing and sleep in. We went to the spa, watched random tv shows and ate some delicious food. I also had my first rent the runway experience and it was awesome, I really wish I could have kept this dress!


We enjoyed the fall time, though it seemed to really fly by this year and went to the pumpkin patch. It has been so fun with C this year! She wasn’t too into trick or treating though, she got really scared on the porch of the other houses, but it was still fun to have her dress up and get excited to walk around in her dog costume.


Besides feeling a little barfy and missing running… things are going well. I’ve said it many times this year, but I am looking to blog a little more frequently and now I’m not writing as much for work so I am feeling a little bit more motivated to write here. So here’s to hoping that happens!






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