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Review of the Bugaboo Runner

Disclosure: I received the Bugaboo Runner for free. While I received the stroller for free, all opinions are my own.

Recently, Bugaboo reached out to me to test their new stroller, the Bugaboo Runner. It looked like a very interesting and different stroller than I was running with and I was very excited to give it a try. Because of B’s schedule I have to do 90% of my running with a stroller, so having a stroller that works excellent helps keep me motivated and wanting to go run. Some of the main features I found helpful are the reversible and reclining seat, the brake on the handle bar, and the fixed front wheel. There are a ton more features about the stroller I loved too, but these were what really made a huge difference when running with it.

Review of the Bugaboo Runner

Review of the Bugaboo Runner - a unique running stroller

I do wish I did a little bit more research and looked into this option before C because the seat snaps off and you can use it on other Bugaboo strollers and you can buy the Bugaboo Runner ‘chassis’ of the stroller. I didn’t really even know this was an option but looking back and knowing that I wanted both a running stroller and a regular stroller, this would have been a good two for one for our family.

Review of the Bugaboo Runner - reversible seat

The Bugaboo runner - a unique stroller to run with.

First off, when I got it, it took me about an hour and a half to put it together. It is for kids over the age of 9 months, so I had to wait a week for C to turn 9 months to use it! We started out for our first run a few days after she turned 9 months and it was much different than I was used to. Something that really stuck out to me time and time again was the fact that it glides so well. I usually run safely in the street or on a park path, and the Runner was so smooth, which makes running with a stroller that much easier. It also has the safety wrist strap on the handle bars which makes it safe so it doesn’t get away from you. The bigger wheels make the ride smooth along with the suspension built into the stroller.The Bugaboo Runner Review

I’ve taken the Bugaboo Runner out on at least 15 runs and every time I’m surprised at how smooth it is. It took me a bit to learn how to maneuver it as it is a different feel that a stroller with a rotating front wheel, but once I was used to it I ended up liking it a lot. It seems to keep the stroller gliding forward and helps give it a smoother ride. Another awesome features both C and I enjoy is the reversible seat! I love the fact that she can face towards me or looking outward and it works out perfectly to switch it if she gets fussy while I’m running. I usually time it so she’s in a good mood when we head out and she loves to look around and see everything as we run by, but every now and then I like to switch her to face me.

The canopy is another great perk because a lot of the time I run around dusk and into the sun. Most canopies are not long enough or go down low enough to cover her completely and this one does. It unzips to offer more shade too, and zips up when you don’t need as much of the canopy. It’s nice that I know the sun isn’t blinding her and I can also switch her seat around if we run at that time. It has a nice sized basket underneath the seat area where I usually store a jacket and my water bottle when running.

Running with the bugaboo runner - a different kind of running stroller.

I’m still working on the tracking aspect of the front wheel, but mine has been ‘on’ since I got it for the most part. I haven’t had any problems with the tires going flat at all and it comes with a little handheld pump which works great when I’ve used it. I do like the larger tires and I think they help with the smoother ride. Because I’m 5’7, I keep the handle bar at one of the more upright positions, but it’s nice to know that it’s flexible and you can change it according to height and preference.

I also really loved the brake on the handle bar. My other strollers don’t have this option and I think it’s almost imperative to have when running because it allows you to stop so much smoother and more controlled. If you’re moving at a faster speed, it’s easier to come to a stop and not as jerky when you’re using the handle bar brake as well.The Bugaboo Runner Review

A lot of people have asked me how the Bugaboo Runner compares and what I love about it and the main thing I love about it is the gliding factor. It really is smooth and if you can get it on a nice path, it rides so well. I know this stroller is an investment, but if you’re running 3+ miles pretty consistently, I would totally look into it because I feel like long runs are much easier with it. I really love it for my longer runs because of the gliding aspect and it makes the run go by faster without feeling that I was giving as much effort to push it.

Overall, this has become my go-to stroller for running and I’m so glad I got to test it out just in time for my mileage to increase!

Happy Running and Gliding!










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