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June Recap

I just wrote my May recap, and June is already done! So this month I did really well getting back into running and going to the gym. I ran 41.6 miles, which is the most I’ve ran in well over a year. After my surgery in May, I waited until June 8th to run, which was when I felt awkward and not ready to get back to it. So I waited until the 15th and tried again and felt normal! So I did all my running from the 15th through the 30th which I thought was really good. My average pace was a little over 9 minutes per mile and most of my running this month was once again done with the stroller, which was fine.

I did a longer run, 6 miles, towards the end of the month with the team and it was tougher than I expected but I finished it and was thankful to have people to run with. Makes the miles a little bit easier. I’m hopeful to keep up this routine and run as often as I can these next few months. I’m working towards the ‘run around the lake’ at the end of our training Camp in Big Bear in August and am hopeful to get my long run mileage up to 13 miles before that run, but would be happy with even a 10 mile long run.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.15.00 PM

This month I am hopeful I can get in my 4 runs a week and am really going to try to stick with it. Summer running is my favorite time of the year to run and I need to embrace it and get in the miles. I finally lost 2 more pounds, so I’m like 4-8 pounds away from my pre-baby weight… depending on when I weigh myself, haha.

I finally have my computer up and running well now, thank goodness. It was struggling there for a bit, but this last fix seemed to fix the issue, hopefully. Getting back into the swing of practice, even though it was only for a week, was nice as well and it did allow me to get in more runs than normal! I also went to the gym after practice which was nice to lift some weights and get in a little bit extra cardio.

C is already 10 months and everywhere now, which happened all too quickly! She will eat anything I put on her tray or she picks up off the ground, including dog food (yuck) and is still obsessed with the dogs. We are going to start swimming lessons this month so hopefully that goes well and we learn some more things to teach her in the pool!

This month I’m hopeful to get in my 4 runs a week and keep my mileage around 20 miles a week. I ran a 5K yesterday, so my recap for that will be up soon!


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