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May Recap

Sooooo it’s almost the end of June and here I’m coming in hot with a May Recap… Well the computer took ANOTHER crash… and finally got it re-fixed and I’m hope I’m here for the long haul because my apple care warranty is up in August, so lets pray I don’t have more issues. Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 10.13.34 PM

May was an interesting month to say the least. I had some decent goals to run and eat healthy and I also had neck surgery planned for May 20 with apparently unrealistic expectations. I had a large lipoma in my neck that I needed to have removed for a few years now. It wasn’t super bothersome but B had though that it had grown over the past few years and I finally got everything ready to get it done. I was dropped off at 8, back for surgery at 10 and picked up at 7 pm that evening. The surgery lasted an hour and a half and the mass taken out was WAY bigger than I expected. It weighed almost a pound and was 4 inches long. It wasn’t attached to anything in my body so that was good and it came back as just fatty tissue after they tested it, so another great thing. Let me tell you though, recovery was WAY worse that I had imagined. I couldn’t move my head for a pretty solid 2 weeks and with a small active child… it was difficult. I also didn’t realize how long it would take to even feel a bit normal again. Driving? Hopefully no one was ever in my blind spot because that wasn’t safe at all. That really hindered my running for the month of may and partially June. A bummer, but glad to have the surgery done and finally behind me even though I look like a shark took a bite out of my neck now, oh well I guess.

So, I’m finally getting back on track. I ran a week ago and it just wasn’t time yet. I felt like my neck skin was, well the best way to describe it is, loose. Weird, gross and not a pleasant feeling. I went three times this week though and it felt way better, so I’m hopeful to get back into the routine now!

Cora is officially 9 months old! I cannot believe it at all. She’s crawling and getting around everywhere,  pulling herself up and hates to be held or cuddled, which has pretty much been from the start. She keeps eating more and more and will pretty much eat anything we give her! She’s so much fun and thankfully still loves to ride in the stroller while I run! She’s pretty chill and I’m so thankful she cruises along with me for the most part.

The running miles for May were only at 16 miles. Sad… BUT surgery took priority and so it is what it is. Meh! This month I’m already surpassing that. I have continued to eat pretty healthy for the most part. I found a few salads I love at Trader Joes and hopefully will lose these last 10 pounds by keeping up with the running. Funny story… I actually was pretty motivated to run before surgery and took my friends double stroller with only one child because I was all set to go and my stroller had a flat! It was quite interesting but hey, got it done!

Big news for this month is I finally REJOINED the gym! Thank the LORD! It was time and I feel confident with our routine. It might take her a few times to be okay in the little kids area, but hopefully with some practice we can get it down to where she can hang for an hour.

We went to B’s softball tournament, where they lost WAY too early in the day, sad, started up the AWESOME bachelorette fantasy league (with my best friend and leauge commissioner Shea) on Monday nights, which means rushing bedtime to watch, and overall had a pretty good month minus the whole neck surgery fiasco, but now I’m way more mobile and getting better every day! Here’s to a great month of June, even though it’s already halfway done!Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 10.13.21 PM  Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 10.13.54 PM

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