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March Recap


So I have had a few blog posts in the line up… and then my computer took a nose dive and we’re still working on getting it fixed. Hopefully this month, I have to take it into Apple which is super convenient… not. This month was all about finding a routine and I think I’ve finally got it down just a little bit. The funny thing is with a baby, things are constantly changing. So right when you feel like you’ve settled into some type of normal, the whole thing makes a 180 and you’re like wait… what just happened? We did get to Spring Forward and change the clocks to allow it to stay lighter longer – one of my favorite times of the year! I love it when we have long evenings and can sit outside and it allows me to run in the evening without being terrified of being hit by a car.

We’re just now getting into the middle of track season and though it’s busy, it’s also exciting because we can actually see our work finally paying off and the kids seem to be more motivated to train because they are racing. This past weekend we had an invitational and it was like a springboard into the season where all of a sudden we’re racing twice a week at Duel Meets and invitationals on the weekend. We went to San Diego as well with a few of our athletes and it turned out to be a great trip and hopefully will give them even more motivation. We basically have a solid month left and then it’s over. Track flies by so fast.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 1.35.54 PM

As for Little C- she now sits up ALL the time and is already starting to rock back and forth on her arms and legs. Lord be with us all when she’s on the go. She has recently become really into the dogs and laughs so much at them which is fun because it’s like built in entertainment. Sleeping has been pretty good but the last few nights were off because she wakes up and thinks it’s time to practice her crawling. Not yet my friend, back to sleep you go please. We have been introducing more foods and she’s pretty happy with that.

Running – I got in a solid 51 running miles this month and 22 walking miles. I’m really happy with my running and though I did have a downer week in the middle because I was just tired, I am happy I ran 2-3 times a week! I am averaging about 4-6 miles every run as well, so feel back to kind of a normal groove. The long run is still elusive as I haven’t run over 6 miles yet, but mostly because I don’t have time or if I do we miss a nap time… which isn’t exactly ideal. I’m going to try this month to see if I can get up to 10 miles. I’d love to run one ten miler a week.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 1.35.30 PM

One bummer was that every single run I did in March was with the stroller. I’m super grateful we have the stroller, and it is awesome, but running with it ALL THE TIME is tiring and tough. I have to make sure we go in a flat paved area and I can’t run on the riverbed on the weekends because of the biker packs who like to take over the riverbed, which is a bummer. With B’s schedule, it’s super hard to go without it, but again, another thing that I will work on when planning my long runs. We tried to make his schedule less chaotic this month so hopefully I’ll have one morning a week where I know I can go stroller free. I do love the stroller for carrying my water bottle and phone though!

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 1.35.46 PM

Even with the stroller, my average pace was 9:37 which I’m pretty proud of and know I can keep improving that with being consistent.

As for my other two goals – Trying a new recipe, I did try a few this month and they seemed to go over well! I did a Dashing Dish White Chicken Chili recipe in the crock pot which was easy and great for a cool night, I also made this meatloaf, which was good but I cooked it a little bit too long and then made a Lemon Poppy Seed loaf bread in the crock pot, which was shockingly better than I expected. I’ve been pinning some more new ones to try and I really want to try to make the little protein bites as something to have in the mornings.

As for my blogging goal… I was working on posts and then… RIP computer. Hopefully this month will be full of posts!

Goals for this month –

Do 3 strength training workouts a week and run 3 times a week with 4 6+ mile runs this month. This is a lofty goal and I know even typing it out seems scary. I’m finally at a point where I’m ready to get back into shape and I know I will have to workout to get there. I did a few of the old home workouts I used to do during nap time this past week and I kind of have a hang of that again and am going to rejoin the gym this month too! I am hoping to lose about 15 pounds by August, so here’s to keeping myself accountable and getting in my workouts.

Fix my stupid computer

Wake up at 6 am every morning to give myself a little bit of me time before I had to feed and get C started for the day. I do this about 50% of the time, but feel so much better when I do it. This also means I need to go to bed by 10 the evening before.

Here’s to a good April!

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