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February Recap


Welp, it’s March… not only March, but March 3rd… and here I am just glad the month I can never spell right is officially over. February started off great for me in the running department and ended pretty lackluster. The first two weeks, I ran a lot and got in my 3 runs each week, the last 2, C was sick for one of them (which was not fun at all) and I just wasn’t motivated that 3rd week. So here’s the recap of last month…I only ran 19 miles for the whole month. That is pretty pitiful… but not running for 2 weeks, it isn’t as terrible but this month I really want to do better. I’m already more motivated because we made a big change at the end of February. We graduated from the car seat into the stroller. THANK THE LORD. It was seriously so heavy with the car seat. This will make running much easier when not pushing a 50 pound stroller and having two little creepy eyes staring back up at me as I’m huffing and puffing along.

I started out the month working on a really fun and exciting project with these two girls! Can’t wait to share more, hopefully we can soon! IMG_8549We also were gone a weekend at the beginning of the month, and B worked a few extra days which sometimes proves to be difficult, but every month we seem to be getting our routine down better. So we went to Mammoth! With 4 kids! Survived! I was pretty anxious about this trip as it would be our first trip with C and it went pretty well. I was glad we went with people who also had kids so it was a judgement free zone.  IMG_8553 IMG_8595We also had this crazy animal’s 5 month birthday. She’s still obsessed with her jumper and is making lots of fun noises. She rolls around both ways now and finally fits in her 3-6 month clothing… but her feet still haven’t grown. And I have so many cute shoes for her! Perhaps she will have teeny tiny feet like myself.

IMG_8773She’s finally showing interest in the dogs, which has been fun. She likes to reach out and try to pet them and can watch them wrestle and chase each other all day long.

IMG_8848We went for a run with G with the stroller and my confidence and familiarity with the stroller is finally increasing. I think it helps a lot it’s not as heavy anymore. I did my longest run to date with it (6 miles) and felt pretty good. I am hopeful to get a lot more running in this month with our new routine of getting up and going right away as soon as she wakes up. It’s nice and early and cool out and then I can shower when we come home and she takes her morning nap so I’m not just sitting in my grime all day.  Another thing I’m noticing is that my pace is getting a little faster both with and without the stroller, which is nice and I’m feeling more like myself every time I run.

Another exciting thing that happened this month is we started food! Well purees. I wanted to wait until she was 6 months old, but she seemed to be really interested in food and wasn’t getting full enough on just formula anymore, so we tried it out and this photo was from the first night. She apparently loves it. So far we’ve tried sweet potatoes, bananas, pears and carrots and everything has been pretty good, though it did take her a while to warm up to the pears. FullSizeRenderSo, the month was good on the baby front, but kind of crappy on the running front. I don’t know why I lost my motivation that 3rd week and the 4th week when C was sick, I was just SO TIRED from being up with her non stop I was barely even functioning as a human, and definitely wasn’t going to attempt trying to run in my zombie state.

So my goals for February were to:

1. Run 3 times a week including 1 long run (6 miles or more) Well, started off on the right foot… and ended poorly but hey, that’s why there is a new month with new goals!

2. Do 1 strengthening workouts during the week. HA! Didn’t do this at all. I am actually going to try to do this this month as a new goal… Here’s to hoping I can cross it off in April.

3. Purge a huge chunk of my closet – Completed! I got rid of so much stuff. Still a bit more to go through but found that actually making myself try things on is a little bit of an eye opener and helpful when making decisions of what to keep.

Onto this month… My March Goals are to:

1. Run 3 times a week including 1 long run (6 miles or more)

2. Try a new recipe each week. This is intimidating because if it stinks… then our dinner stinks, but I am trying to broaden our meals and I’m hoping to add some new side dishes and main dishes to our ‘go to’ recipes each week.

3. Blog 2 times a week. I was doing okay with this goal, then it fell to the wayside. I just need to sit down and do it because I enjoy it!

Here’s to moving right along into March!

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