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Life with Cora!

Whoa! What a crazy month it’s been. Our little girl arrived mid-September and it’s so true how you instantly fall in love. I’m still recovering and taking my time to get back into the routine of working out and know I’ll get back there soon enough. I do see people running around town and get excited that it’s coming closer to the time when I can try to run again. I’ve really missed it these last few months and know that it will be good for my mental health once I am cleared to get back out there.

We are doing well and even though we are both sleep deprived, we’re adjusting to life with Cora. Many people ask us how she is and how she’s doing, and honestly, I think she’s pretty good but I have nothing to compare her to! She never misses a meal and lets you know when it’s time to eat and is getting to be more and more fun with little smiles and fun noises. She is growing more each week and may be out of her newborn clothes in maybe two or three more weeks!

Thankfully, so far she loves her car seat and also the stroller which has been nice to get out for walks in the evenings, even though it’s been so hot here! We are hoping for some fall weather soon and I can’t wait to wear cooler workout clothes like capris and long sleeves.

I’m still not back to coaching yet, but I have been to one of their meets and plan on going to two of their meets this week as well. I’ve missed coaching a lot and am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things while being a mom, which also means BACK TO BLOGGING, which I’ve also missed. I will probably be including some fun things about our family but will mostly stick to running as I have been for the majority of this blog. I am hoping to run a half marathon next spring and a full marathon maybe in the fall – we’ll see!

Here are a few fun pics of our first month together as a family of 3 (or 5 including the pups!)

Newborn CoraOur first family photo!

Get this Kaftan from etsy for labor and or post-partum! You'll love your photos SO much more :) I actually got this gown for actual labor and delivery but didn’t end up wearing it but am SO glad I got it. (I’m going to do a post on a few of our favorite things thus far soon) I totally recommend getting one because it made all my photos after delivery look awesome and I don’t look as horrible as I felt so I actually like the photos! It was great for the doctors to check me since it buttoned all the way down the back and had a nice neckline for attempting to breastfeed as well.

CoraFresh baby and new dad

Heading home from the hospital


When we left the hospital, I cried. I was so scared and our nurses were amazing while we were there! Though there have been more tears, we are getting the hang of things and I grow in my mom confidence every day.

Even though I was nervous about how the dogs would react – they have been awesome! They check on her often and still snuggle with us all the time. I don’t know why I was nervous, they are friendly but I was just scared that they would feel dejected or not understand but I think the thing they miss the most is their sleep at night!

Saucony Crib Shoes for Baby

My friend Elise gave us these shoes and I DIED when I saw them!! She now wears them all the time :) Tummy time for everyone :) Her neck has gotten a lot stronger already and she holds her head up for a good period of time!


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