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August… Walk It Out!

So during the month of August I got in a lot more walking and I’m getting closer to running again soon! I hit my goal of 40 miles for the month, which was a few more than I did in July and I felt decent all month long. I even got in some bleachers at practice – which was nice to get my heart rate up and not be running and feeling awkward. Towards the end of the month there was a pretty rough heat wave… which I’m glad has now left!

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 8.00.10 PMThe house projects are pretty much done now and I finally got to start on organizing the nursery and putting some things in there, which made me feel way better about the approaching month of September!

At 36 weeks, I told B it was finally time to put in the carseat and he went out to my car and said, well this isn’t happening. So we started looking at a few used cars and found a GMC that we liked and was really reasonable. B kept my old car which he now calls his go-kart for driving to work because it gets such great gas mileage and to be honest, I’m glad we could keep it a while longer, I was sad thinking about parting with it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 8.00.22 PMAs for the baby update, all my doctor check ups have been good and everything is going well, I just start to struggle with backache and hip pain at night. And the heartburn… holy toledo! A peach, some ice cream, peanuts, tomatoes, a slice of bread. It all just burns. Only a few more weeks though. I always joke to B that I turn into a pumpkin at night. I am getting more and more excited to actually know the sex of the baby! As we get closer and closer I am SO tempted to just ask the doctor to tell me, but I know continuing to wait will make it that much more worth it. I honestly cannot believe we made it this far, it’s been so fun though. I also love hearing what people guess it is.

I know that I am getting amped to run again after I recover and looking forward to having that back into my routine and also am looking forward to heading back to the gym when I am ready! I’ve really missed that these last few months and know it will be good for me to get back into a routine even though it will now be adjusted for our new little person.

I can’t believe it’s finally September – the month our family and hearts will grow! I’m looking forward to so many firsts including hopefully our first walk together soon!


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