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WHOA. Where have I been? I don’t know why but I completely have been neglecting my blog. Even though I missed it, it’s been a bit of a refresher for me for my writing for work stuff, so that’s good. But now I’m feeling the itch to start blogging more. Lucky you! So what I’ve been up to lately.

June – 55 miles of walking and running. Went to Del Mar with B for a little mini get away and it was so relaxing. Ate way too much delicious food and hung out by the pool for a bit.

As for running… It got more difficult this month. I focused on walking more and just enjoying being outdoors. I always thought that I would be pregnant and just running around until I was giving birth and it was hard for me to come to the realization that it might not happen, but now I’m okay with it. My doctor said to keep going as long as I felt good so I would throw in a few miles here and there in my walks to mix it up.

Jakes Del MarOh Del Mar… SO much good food and it was so nice to be able to hang out with B distraction free. He’s been working a ton so it was nice to get quality time together and him and I just vacation well together, sounds weird but we both love napping and relaxing and just lounging around without doing much, which makes it nice because we agree on what to do a lot. It’s one thing we are the same on… usually we are complete opposites. Del MarThe weather was perfect!

The rest of the month was filled with coaching duties, summer practice (6:30 am – YAY!) and tons of home projects. Well B is taking charge of that. He decided he hated the doors in our house. Strange, I know… and decided that we had to replace them all. NOW. So… after ripping off the casing, doors and moulding, and then sanding them down, getting them to fit and painting them… we have new doors. I do like them but the process was a bit more lengthy and invovled than I imagined it would be.

I was looking forward to working on the nursery, but with all the construction and projects going on… I was waiting until the doors and painting was completed before adding more project to our plate.

Onto July. So I’m almost 8 months pregnant. CRAZY.

It was another great month of walking for the most part and I finished it out with 32 miles. I got sick the last two weeks so my walking tanked which was kind of sad because I was hopeful to get around the same numbers as June, but next month I’m hoping to get my numbers back up in August. I have been taking these mongrels with me lately, which has been fun.
4th of JulyIt was also ‘dead period’ for cross country for most of the month which was nice because it’s a time period when the coaches can’t meet with the athletes but they are suppose to practice on their own.  My friend Nina was here from out of town and we did a ton of fun ‘LA things’ that I normally would have never done and had so much fun together. I’ve lived in CA my whole life and have never hiked to the Hollywood sign… but we did it!
Hollywood Sign HikeB and I also went up to Big Bear for 2 days with the dogs to just get away. Like I said, he’s been a workaholic and mentioned he wanted to go to the mountains so we rented a dog friendly cabin and traveled up for two nights. I was working on a big work project so it was perfect to be away and get some work done too. Big Bear Finally it was time to start coaching again, and it’s been a somewhat good start to the season. It’s always hard during summer because the dedication isn’t as consistent and keeping the kids around is a bit difficult. If I have to be up at 5:30 am, they can do it too! It was also the month of baby N being showered by love from our family and friends. We got so many amazing gifts at the showers and I finally slowly started organizing its room. I’ll have to post about the shower Shea threw for me, it was so cute!Navy and Peach Baby ShowerI finished off the month going to cheer for the Special Olympics World Games that are happening in LA and it was awesome! A bunch of kids from our team came and it was a great day cheering on so many awesome athletes from all over the globe. Special Olympics LAAs for Baby Updates… I am feeling pretty good for the most part still, thankfully! The heat hasn’t been too bad. I do still have pretty bad insomnia, but I’ve dealt with that for a while now and it’s nothing new. Everyone tells me to sleep now!! Well, I wish I could!

Every time we see the doctor, they say everything checks out well and is looking good. The last ultrasound we saw the baby yawning a TON, and it seems SO shy. Always looking away from the camera and hiding its face with its hands. They said now it’s about 4 pounds and looks pretty big! Great.

This month I’ve been having some sciatic pain and the doctor said it’s probably how the baby is positioned. I’ve been going to the chiropractor and it’s been helping a ton. I found some stretches that have been helping a bit and have been walking and trying to stay healthy. Throughout my pregnancy I haven’t had any weird cravings yet, but maybe in these last few months I’ll go nuts. I still can’t believe that in 2 months we’ll have a little baby in our house, joining our family! It’s so crazy to think about.

So that’s a brief update… here’s to more consistent blogging!


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