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Fun in San Diego with Saucony!

Recently, a few of the members of the Saucony 26 Strong team had a photoshoot with Competitor Magazine in San Diego and reached out to me to join in on the fun! I couldn’t make the shoot last year with the 26 Strong team, so I was really excited that I could make the dates this year. I drove down to meet up with the team and my cadet for the first time on and got a little down time before everyone else arrived, after I checked in, I took advantage of the warm weather and the pool.

La Estancia Pool - Fun in San Diego with Saucony 26 StrongThe first evening we spent time together bonding as a group and had a great dinner with everyone and I met my cadet for the first time. I was pretty nervous to meet her, I mean, we were sharing a room together and I was going to coach her to finishing one of the biggest accomplishments in her life! I was hopeful we would get along and click easily and as soon as I met her I was relieved. After chatting with everyone well into the evening and then going back to our room and talking more, I knew we would get along great and I also was finding out more about her running routine and goals for Chicago.

The next morning we had to be up really early to get our hair and makeup done and then we were off to Balboa Park for the first photo shoot of the day. It was so pretty out and such a nice location! I remember when the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon started there and how nervous I was running my first full! It seems like so long ago. At the park we took quite a few group shots and then Bridget and I snapped this one quickly before going to our next location. (I got the group photo from Angela over at Happy Fit Mama – she had to sit out running in some shots because she’s recovering from an injury, but she is so awesome and it was great to meet her and her cadet, Marina!)

Running Photoshoot with Saucony 26 Strong

Saucony 26 Strong Photoshoot

I was in all grey and Bridget got the bright colorful shirt :) I felt kind of funny trying to run hard and keep up with everyone. I haven’t been running as much as I was before getting pregnant so it was definitely interesting, but everyone was really encouraging telling me that I looked great. Then, later in the day we switched outfits and I was a little skeptical of this shirt on the hanger, but loved it on! The colors are so fun and summery and it was really lightweight.

Saucony 26 Strong PhotoshootThe next location we went to were trails behind UC San Diego and it was so pretty! I was reminded of the area by my house that has some very, very short trails but I usually include them into my running route because it’s shady and a nice surface to run on, even if it’s not for that long. We got a few more photos and then headed back to the hotel for dinner. I was SO tired that night! It was a long, but very fun day.

The next morning we were up early again and headed out to Torrey Pines Natural Reserve. The sky looked really pretty even though it was cloudy. I got another cool patterned tank top to wear and some really comfortable shorts that were a little more relaxed than the spandex I had worn the day before. It was definitely different running with big lights around and a photographer telling you to do it again and again and again, but it was so much fun!

Saucony 26 Strong PhotoshootThe group then had to split up because some of them were flying back to the east coast that afternoon but we made sure to get a quick photo before everyone left. It was really a great group to chat with about running and training and goals for Chicago. I was so thankful that everyone was so nice and friendly and I love my cadet! I know she will do so great in Chicago and am looking forward to getting her into training after she runs the Mammoth Half Marathon.

Saucony 26 Strong Photoshoot in San DiegoJust this past week, the magazine came out so I wanted to share that you can pick up a copy and get some great info on running your first marathon, meeting this year’s #Saucony26Strong Cadets and see a familiar face!

Saucony 26 Strong in Competitor Magazine!


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