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Saucony 26Strong, Year 2!

Saucony 26Strong ProgramAlthough Andi and I dealt with a few bumps along the way of our Saucony 26 Strong journey, I really enjoyed the entire process. Over the past two years I’ve found that I really love coaching. No matter the distance or ages of the people I’m coaching, it’s something I’m really passionate about. One of my favorite feelings is when talking with people about running and they were never a runner and to see them progress and start to enjoy running is amazing. It’s so rewarding to hear their progress and to see them reach goals they never even imagined possible. The day Andi ran the Nashville Marathon I was on pins and needles following her progress and even cried when she texted me that she finished. It makes me so proud to be even a little part of such an amazing feat!

City of Oaks MarathonI was recently contacted by Saucony to become a coach again for the 26 Strong Program and I was honored and humbled. After last year, I didn’t know if they would want me to coach again because my cadet got injured but when they asked me I jumped at the chance because I know how running and training for a marathon can change someone’s life and I love the feeling of being able to be a part of that and watching runners grow.

Another big drawback to me coaching this year is that the team is running the Chicago marathon, which is two after my due date, therefore I won’t be able to go to the race, or run it. I was pretty bummed when I found out what race they were doing, but to my surprised they still wanted me! I have been paired up with a cadet named Bridget, and am meeting her for the first time next week! We’ve discussed her training plan and her goals a little bit and I know meeting in person will make it more ‘real’ and I will get to know her and her running abilities better.

I’m so thankful for this opportunity to continue coaching with Saucony for the 26 Strong program and can’t wait to follow and be a part of Bridget’s journey to finishing 26.2 miles come October!


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