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Finishing Up Track

These last two weeks have been crazy with track season coming to a close and finishing up working with the athletes on the team. Today is our final race for the season and only those who continue to make it to C.I.F. will be practicing. Though I do like track season, it’s no secret that cross country is by far my favorite sport, so it’s always bitter sweet to end a season even though my favorite is looming on the horizon. It’s been a very busy season as the head cross country coach took over the program and she’s been working hard to make improvements while figuring out everything going on with all aspects of track. It’s so different than cross country! Finishing up the Track SeasonI have seen a lot of improvement in the team this year, though at some points it was hard to see the big picture and the fact that they were improving. It’s easy to focus on the negative and what is bringing you down when you’re coaching and in the middle of the trenches, but as the season is finishing up, I saw a lot of progression now looking back. It’s always difficult in the heat of the moment and when things seem to be so hard, but I’m so proud of the team and the work of all the coaches I have the opportunity to work with daily. The best part of coaching is seeing kids of all levels succeed and do things they didn’t realize were possible. Coaching and finishing up Track SeasonI’m excited to see how the entire team runs today, and I hope a lot of them qualify for C.I.F. so we can keep our season going. It’s been a fun year and I know they will do great today!

Another plus is that I’m finally starting to feel a little better and looking at a computer screen isn’t giving me migraines so hopefully I will be back to blogging a bit more regularly soon!


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