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2015, Let’s Do This!

This year, much like my goals last year, I want to continue to make all of my running count towards a specific purpose. I feel like when I changed my mind set from ‘just running to reach certain mileages or times’, it was what really helped me achieve new goals and also helped me make sure that every workout I was doing was for a reason. I felt like when I let go of the idea of hitting numbers, I was happier and running felt more free. I hope to continue this mindset into the new year.

Tracking my year with RunKeeperFor once, the entire year, I worked hard at tracking or inputting all of my workouts to see how many miles I really ended up with. I ended up with 897 miles. I was pretty proud of all my stats and really like using RunKeeper to keep track of it all. I think this year I will end up with roughly the same amount. I don’t really have any huge goal races but I do want to train well for Boston and then run it, enjoy everything about it, and be injury free. I know I’ll be running the July 4th 10K, that I do every year, and I’m considering the local 5K/10K race that goes by our neighborhood in March. After Boston in April, I really don’t think I’ll be running a full marathon anytime soon. I just am tired of training for them and really am focusing on Boston and then looking at doing some fun half marathons. I realized while looking over last year I didn’t run as many races, and I really want to do a few half marathons this year. I have always liked that distance and I should run more because they are way less commitment. One of the things that is a little difficult is my coaching schedule because we have practice and meets on Saturday. I know if I plan ahead though it shouldn’t be a huge problem.

I think running can easily turn into being all about the times you’re running. As I did last year, running with purpose, this year I want to keep that in focus and also enjoy each and every run. I easily forget how blessed I am to actually have the ability to run and I want to make sure to really enjoy each run, even when I’m dying on a tempo run or pushing myself on a track workout. After each run, I want to take a moment to reflect on the miles, no matter how far I ran, even if I felt terrible like the other morning, it’s nice to take a moment and think of a few good things at the end of each workout. I’m thankful for another year to continue to run and enjoy the surrounding scenery.


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