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Runner’s Christmas List Accessory Guide!

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas time! Running isn’t just about having clothes that don’t chafe, though that’s pretty important. Running is also about making the most of each run, whether you’re tracking your run on your iPhone, listening to music, or preventing injury once you’re done running, these thoughtful gift ideas will most definitely make your runner smile come Christmas morning. So wrap one of these up and they will thank you!The Christmas Gift Guide for Running Accessories! Any of these gifts will make your runner happy this holiday season!


1. ArmPocket iPhone Running Armband I fell in love with this armband this year because it comes in SIZES. So many arm bands don’t fit my arm, weird problem to have, but I have to pull them so tight that they ruin the elastic or the screen gets torn out. Thankfully these come in sizes and have ample room for a key, cash or card AND have a handy dandy little earphone spot to keep the cord from hitting you in the face.

2. Koss FitClips Headphones These have been my go-to headphones for over a year as well because they stay put. I’ve gone through so many headphones that don’t stay in my ear. These are comfortable, have good sound and are durable. They are also easy to clean.

3. Hand-Stamped Shoelace Plate One of my friends got me one of these when I qualified for Boston and it was such a thoughtful surprise. Whether you personalize it with an upcoming race for motivation, a PR or a quote that inspires, it’s a great little reminder to see when your runner looks down.

4. Therapearl Ice Wraps Injury prevention is just as important as training and when the aches and pains start, it’s important to ice, ice, ice! It truly helps with so many nagging injuries or tenderness. These are great because they are reusable and they have velcro straps to keep them in place. It makes icing so much easier! Another great option? These from Arctic Ease – it’s ice therapy without the ice pack and can make icing much easier as well.

5. Contigo Water Bottle and Ello Thrive Glass Water Bottle I love cute water bottles and my collection continues to grow! These are great for the gym or at work. I always find if I have water in front of me I drink it, and it helps me stay extra hydrated. These are both from Target and inexpensive!

6. Spenco For Her Shoe Insoles These help your shoes last longer! With proper support, these can help with any type of pronation problems or arch problems. When I started having plantar fasciitis problems, they really help with my arch!

7. Village Aches and Pain Body Wash Recently got this and have been using it daily. The smell is what makes it so good! It’s very refreshing and makes me tingly all over. I have even put a drop or two in my ice bath when I’m running the water and it makes it smell really good while I’m freezing in the tub.

8. Saucony Triumph Running Shoe I recently got these shoes and I love them! They are a perfect neutral shoe with that extra cushion. When you’re putting on a lot of miles, shoes that fit perfectly and have a lot of support are so necessary. No matter what running shoes you gift for Christmas, make sure they are the brand and normal shoe that they run in!

9. Running Phone Case This company has a ton of phone cases to choose from! I may have to upgrade mine and change it up to something a little more motivational.

Happy Shopping! Want more ideas? Check out my gift guides from last year! Accessories & Clothes


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