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November Running Recap

After Shea’s wedding on November 15th, I had much more time and was able to run more. I ended the month with 37 miles and I’m happy with that. I have been doing a lot more injury prevention and care so that I don’t get injured again. Running 3-4 days a week and doing shorter runs has really been helping me and has increased my confidence that I didn’t lose all my fitness during my time off.

November Running Recap

It’s been nice weather for running too and I’ve been enjoying dusting off some of my ‘winter’ gear to wear these past few days. With cross country season officially over and track in full swing, it’s also different not having to run with the kids and being more supervision, so planning when I run has been different as well. I normally don’t run hills much at all when I’m running, but I am trying to pick different routes, even on 3-4 milers that will give me the most hills possible to get me back into shape and also prepare me for the Boston Marathon.

Every time when I get home after a run, I always make sure to ice my heel and I’m still sleeping in my boot which seems to be helping a lot. I hope to finish December with about 55  miles, which I think will be able to be done with the schedule I’m running right now. I’m going to continue to try to keep running hills as much as possible and I know when I actually do start doing longer runs I will drive to the Newport Beach area where I have run in the past to make sure I get in a lot of hills.

Here’s to another injury free month!


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