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Looking back at 2014, I accomplished my one goal, which was to run with purpose. Without focusing on a specific time goal and making all my running have meaning really helped me run harder than I have since high school and allowed me to run with purpose. It definitely wasn’t easy but it was a great year and I did something that I never thought I would EVER do, which was qualify for the Boston Marathon.

I made each run count towards something, getting faster, doing a different workout, working on my form, instead of running endless junk miles or recovery miles. I rested when I felt tired and I ran faster than I’ve run in a quite a long time. I made workouts count and did them for a reason. I’m really happy with how this year went and know that next year will be a lot of fun experiencing one of the biggest races I will have ever encountered.

I started off the year running down the coast, from Huntington Beach to San Diego, with a great group of women and helped raise awareness of Rett Syndrome and Girl Power for the Cure. It was a great experience and I really started to see my ‘running with a purpose’ pay off. I was running a lot faster than I had run with them the previous year.

Ragnar for Rett - Huntington Beach to San DiegoI coached my first full track season and now know that I truly do really love coaching. It’s a crazy amount of work but I find it to be the most rewarding thing I’ve done with my life. Every day when I coach, I know how I am making an impact on these kids and I hope that running will become a lifelong thing for many of them. I never have felt this way about anything before and know that coaching is definitely my calling. Coaching at sunrise

Coaching at Lakewood High SchoolI’ve run in beautiful places this year, including along the Ragnar Relay trail, and in Big Bear. Running has helped me enjoy my surroundings more and I really enjoy the fact that I can get to awesome places just by running there.

Running in Big Bear Lake, California at Running CampI was honored to be asked to be a part of the Saucony 26 Strong Program {more of that in January}, which had the outcome that was both disappointing to my cadet and myself, but we still inspired her entire family to run more and I learned a lot about coaching from across the country. She is already feeling much better and is working on training to run the Nashville Rock and Roll Marathon.

City of Oaks Half Marathon FinishersI had a great time helping my best friend plan her wedding {and attending all the fun events that went along with it} and finally found balance in my life with running, family and friends, which is something I’ve always struggled with. It’s hard to have a good balance when you’re training for a longer distance run, and running is important to me, but it’s not my entire life. I took time off to vacation in July and came back {a little too fast} in August but I didn’t regret taking the time off for my friend’s events and to spend time with B. This has really helped me with the anxiety I get when I look at a training schedule and feel overwhelmed or getting really anxious about not getting in certain training runs.

Golden Palm Springs Weddingsource

Cabo VacationOne of the biggest things I’ve learned is to run how I coach my kids to run. With heart. Pushing yourself. With PURPOSE. Making every run count and really getting to your limit and going past it. Which is why I crossed the finish line with tears in my eyes {that has NEVER happened before} and the most proud feeling in my heart on May 25, 2014 and with a new Marathon PR of over 23 minutes. Qualifying for the Boston Marathon at Mountains to Beach Confirmation of Acceptance to the Boston Marathon 2015I know that keeping this mindset into 2015 will help me as I prepare for Boston and moving forward with my running. I think I do best when I push myself to my limits, and not focus on time as my only benchmark. I had an incredible year in 2014 and can’t wait to see what 2015 holds! I’ll post a few goals I have for 2015 soon!


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