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Cross Country is BAAAACK

It’s almost one of my favorite seasons. I love the fall for many reasons, my birthday, crunchy leaves, eating chili, running in cooler temperatures, and one of my most favorite times of the year is because of the sport that comes with it. Cross Country!

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In high school it was always my favorite sport and now that I have the opportunity to coach it, it is still my favorite sport. Things have changed since I started running but the races are all still the same. It’s a simple test of how hard you can push your body for 3 miles. There’s something so invigorating about waking up on the morning of a meet and feeling the jittery excitement. I still get so nervous and I don’t even have to race!

I love the fact that Cross Country is an individual sport, yet a team sport. You can push yourself against the other runners and if you’re lucky, you have a great team that runs as a pack and scores well against other schools. I was on a team with only about 7 other girls, so we never did all that well in the larger meets, but I enjoyed it because if I finished well, I could still get a medal.

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I love the training, the different workouts, seeing our athletes succeed and the changing of the colors as we run through local parks and paths. There is something that just takes me right back to my days in high school and I love remembering those times. It was really hard at the time, but looking back I could have run harder, pushed myself to go faster. Even though I could have done better, I’m so glad I learned the sport of running and now I can continue to enjoy it on my own and am able to coach as well.

Coaching Cross Country is something that brought me back to running too. It’s what made me realize I missed running when I felt like I couldn’t run anymore after my mom died. It’s not an easy sport in any measurement, nor glamorous or even really recognized at some schools, but it’s something that I’m so passionate about and I love so much. I’m so grateful for another year to coach and give back at Lakewood, to hopefully teach the kids that running can be a lifelong sport and that you can love to run. Just like I can hear my high school coach in the back of my mind sometimes when I run, I hope they can hear me encouraging them and that they will have the same memories I have every time fall comes around.


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  • Reply Sarah

    I loved cross country too when I was in high school/college! It was so fun & I miss those days of always having a team to run with every day & having a coach just tell me what to run all the time. I’ve been focusing on distance the last few years (marathons & halfs & such) but I’ve decided next year 2015 will be “the year of the 5K” & I’m gonna try to get fast again & run at least one 5K a month, which will be my focus, but I’ll probably throw some 10Ks in the mix too. I can’t wait to do fast workouts & have those 5K jitters!! I totally have to re-learn how to train for that distance though since I’ve been focusing on longer races now for about 10 years since college. I think I’m going to hire a coach in the spring to help me out with that, but do have any tips you can share for training for a season of 5Ks?

    September 5, 2014 at 5:44 am
  • Reply John

    I agree, the fall is the best part of the year! The air is so much fresher and easier to breathe, and the lower temperature makes it possible to go hiking without soaking in sweat.

    September 7, 2014 at 10:30 am
  • Reply The Supplement Reviewer

    This post brings me back to my school days. The whole school year would have to compete in a cross country run. Since I was a swimmer I was never great at running but it does have a lot of carryover from the fitness aspect so I usually placed in the top 10 in the run.

    September 10, 2014 at 2:27 am
  • Reply Maria

    I don’t think I wrote out my workout very clrelay! I ran a total of 6.5 miles and it probably took me 55 minutes or so. Within the 6.5 miles, I ran 25 minutes at tempo pace. I don’t take Max running. He doesn’t really like to go on runs. He will hike for a long time though! We only let him off his leash if there are not people around. He gets too excited and sometimes jumps on people, so he is usually on his leash.

    November 26, 2015 at 5:02 am
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