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Beginner Marathon Training Plan Month 3

This month, Andi is starting to up her mileage and she has 2 months left until Race Day! She is progressing well and ran her first half marathon the other day in training, which was so exciting for me to hear about and for her to do. Putting those early miles in and reaching new milestones makes training so fun and exciting. We’re starting to get into some heavier mileage this month and I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes. (Click here to see Month 1 & 2 of her training plan)

Beginner Marathon Training Plan - Month 3

The big things she’s struggled with thus far is getting used to eating while running. I do agree that it’s a fairly weird concept and figuring out how to do it takes some time and experimenting. Luckily for her, gus seem to be working and she’s able to keep them down, so that’s a good thing. It seems to be more about getting used to their consistency, what flavor she likes and finding out the best time to take them. That was a very difficult part of training for me and it took me a really long time to figure out what the heck I was going to do with such an upset stomach.

She also had a cold this past week, and my mentality when it comes to colds and illness is let it happen, and come back when you’re ready. If you push yourself to get back out there too soon, the illness will linger and you’ll stay sick longer. Even though when I’m sick I always feel like I’ve lost so much fitness, it comes back quickly.

I can’t believe the race is only 2 months away. I’m going to mostly be following her plan because I have decided to only do the half at Long Beach. I just have so many commitments this fall and our team is going up to a cross country meet the day before up in Northern California. I don’t want to push myself or my body too hard and end up being injured, too tired or sick. I really am working hard to stay healthy for next April and that is my goal. To have be able to train well and enjoy the race in Boston.

We booked our tickets to Charlotte yesterday for the week and I can’t wait to actually be able to run with Andi and her family! So many people are going to be out running the half that she knows which I think will make the first part fly by. I keep looking at the City of Oaks Course and it looks so pretty, I know it will be a great race for her and can’t wait to watch her cross the finish line!


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