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August Recap & September Goals

Coming from a ‘down’ mileage month in July, only 37 miles for the month, I really had the goal of hitting 100 miles again in August and ended up hitting 112! I was really happy that I got back up there so quickly and mostly injury free. The fact that we had camp in August and were able to run in pretty incredible spots made getting in the miles much easier! I started off running 3-4 miles and just kept building each week with my longest run being a 10 miler on the weekend.

Big Bear TrailIt’s somewhat scary trying to run that many more miles quickly as it can lead to injury so I made sure to roll out on the foam roller and take ice baths, which helps a lot. I usually do an ice bath after a long run for 1o minutes. It’s hard to get in, but it really helps my muscles feel so much better. Another thing I made sure to take was rest days to give my legs a break. I need to remember that I’m rebuilding right now and that’s okay!

Ice Baths in Trash CanI had my fair share of really hard runs this month. Not hard because I was climbing or doing speed work, hard because my legs were tired from running the day before and I really had to push through the sloggy miles. Those runs can be discouraging but I know it’s just a part of the training and getting back into the routine. It makes me really appreciate the easy run when I have so many meh ones. I just need to trust the training process and getting back into higher mileage shape.

Signal Hill Training RunFor September, I really plan on getting in around 120 miles, and hope to push up my longer run mileage. With my heel problems, I haven’t been running really long runs and I know with the City of Oaks Marathon quickly approaching I need to get on it.

A hard workout in Signal HillRight now I’m not worried that much about pace, but staying healthy and enjoying each run. I’ll keep my rest days the same, 2 days a week and at the end of the month I hope to be able to do a 20 miler for the race. I’m really looking forward to that weekend, I know it will be fun to finish the race with Andi, I’m already so encouraged by her training and mindset!

Here’s to another great and healthy month of running!


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