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Cross Country Camp

Last week I was up at Big Bear training with the cross country team at Camp. It was so motivating for the season and I can’t believe our first race is a mere 20 days away. Not only was it great to train up there, but the trails were gorgeous. It’s always invigorating to me to run in a new place and it seemed to be just what I needed to really get myself back on track running wise. Sometimes running around town down here can get so boring and it’s nice to switch up a normal routine to find new inspiration even if it’s only for a day. How running in a new place can help you reset your running routine.

The month of July was a small month of mileage, I only put in 35 miles for the entire month. I was on vacation, needed a break and I knew I would barely hit 40 miles, which was fine. Now in August, I am determined to hit 100 miles again for the month. When I started back running after vacation, I didn’t have the spark I was feeling before Mountains to Beach back in May and I just felt so tired. Every run seemed tough and I felt like I really had to push hard to get through it. This summer has been a busy one and the fall is looking to be jam-packed with weddings and events as well. I felt like running was another task on the to-do list and I really hate feeling that way toward running.

Running in a new environment can reset your running routineThis past week was a great time to really refresh my routine. It can be boring running the same routes over and over, especially when you’re trying to put in a high amount of miles.   Right now, I’m leaning towards running the half at Long Beach, but that can all change with one good long run. If we’re back in time from our big meet in Fresno the day before and I feel good, I might just do the full, but we will see. It seems so crazy to me that I thought about qualify for Boston there, and I already did it. I still can’t believe that happened. I also am working up to running the City of Oaks race in Raleigh in November with Andi and I know I will be pushing her along and it will be such an emotional and fantastic race.

Running in a new area may help with running boredom!

Big Bear Towne Trail Elevation ChartOne of the best things about being a coach is running with a group. It’s really made running much more fun for me and brought me back to my high school days with competition and motivation. It was another way to press reset on my routine and mix things up. I try my hardest to run with all the girls on the team so that they all feel like they are getting attention, instead of just running with the front pack. New motivation and goals are set by changing up your current running routine.I’m really, really looking forward to the season and am so grateful for a very tiresome yet awesome week with the team. It was a lot of work but totally worth it! I can’t wait to see how we all progress and what is in store for all of our athletes and myself this fall.


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